Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Our Redneck Christmas

Lots of folks have different variations of the Redneck Christmas. I am not real sure as to what others do, but this is how we do it.We begin several weeks before the party to gather up things we already have, but would be willing to part with. Kinda like Spring Cleaning.Wrap these items. Wrap as many as you want to. The more gifts to open the longer the fun lasts. We put all the gifts in one room. Guests form a circle in another room.All presents are numbered.One through whatever.Then the same numbers are written on bits of paper and put in a basket or hat,etc.The numbers are passed around the circle of people, one at a time. The person drawing, picks a number, the corresponding gift is retrieved. The drawing person must open the gift since they are first. Then every person thereafter has the option of switching their unopened gift for any already opened gift of any one in the room.It gets pretty funny after awhile. Everyone gets something they dearly love and want to hold on until the end, but there is always that chance that someone will trade you out of it, and you must let it go.Most of us go home with lots of new-to-us things. You can get some really nice things, but then there is always the chance you can get the not-so-great gifts.(There is always a jokster in the crowd who brings that kind of gifts.We've had some pretty strange gifts from those folks on occasion).Overall, we all have a great time. Everyone brings a dish or two for the meal. It is a really exciting time for our family. We all grew up with yard sale and consignment store treasures, so this is the best of both worlds. No great cost for anyone, but lots of new-to-you items. Great fun.
The picture I've posted is a few of the No-Cost containers I have decorated for the Redneck Christmas. I love using up some of the Christmas trimming to make the No-Cost packages pretty.The wrapping materials nowadays, cost as much, if not more than what's inside. In my opinion, it is such a waste of money, when you can make the packaging just as pretty, by using recycled odds and ends from your Christmas collection box of years gone by.
(We are hearing there is a slight chance of A White Christmas in our area. A little would be nice.)
Merry Christmas!

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