Wednesday, March 9, 2011


While reading one of the posts today,namely Frugal Queen,I got this idea, for a post of my own. I get lots of my ideas this way. Thanks,Ladies,to all of you who have given me inspirations along the way, for all of the wonderful ideas that have sparked my thought processes.

I borrowed this picture from Frugal Queen's  post today.
 When I first graduated from high school,I got my first real job,and I say real job because I had worked out for different families at odd jobs since I was 12 or so,doing every menial tasks known to man,such as painting,scrubbing,ironing,baby
sitting,housecleaning,working in tobacco, bringing in hay or corn from the fields,really anything  folks were willing to hire me for.One of the first things I bought with my real money,was a nice set of cookware. Since I had been engaged, since turning 18 in February, and not graduating until June,then planning to get married in July,I felt I needed to start gathering up things I would need to get my home started.You know how most young girls feel they need a Hope Chest full of those kinds of things for when they married.I guess I was trying to start a Hope Chest of my own.Nevertheless,a good friend of mine had just bought a set of this amazing stainless steel cookware, and she was trying to get others to purchase a set, so she could win additional pieces to her set. I think, if she encouraged others to buy a set, she would win a nice big stainless steel coffee pot,or something of that nature. Well, it was a beautiful set,all shiny and new,and the concept seems just as amazing. The stackable pans that would cook several different foods,all at once, and using the same burner for all.What an amazing feat that would be.And an energy saver,too.I was sold. I think the entire set cost around $350. But so what.I had a REAL JOB now.Well, my Mother never had nice pots and pans in her lifetime, so I gave her all of the biggest pans and their corresponding lids.Being a new home maker, and with only two of us,I would keep the smaller pans and lids for myself.There was one stipulation for Mom though. Since there was a lifetime guarantee on the set, I wanted her to will them back to me at her death. HA! With our big family of nine kids,and everyone helping with the cooking,those pots and pans didn't stand a chance of surviving.Every few years,I would notice one of the pots or lids would be missing until all of the set Mom had, had gradually vanished.I guess they were like the socks in the washing machine. No one had an explanation of where they might have gone.I think I might have a few pans and lids left,myself, stashed away somewhere, since 1966.The knobs have all come off the lids, and some of the handles, but the company that was suppose to be on hand with their  lifetime deal has long since vanished ,too.The pans if used in the proper manner would have been wonderful, but I never had the patience to set it up the way it was suppose to work,or maybe,back then I could not afford enough foods to fill three pans to stack and cook them the way it was suppose to be used.Nevertheless, that is the story of my first major purchase,as a mature 18 year old with my first REAL MONEY to spend as I saw fit.(My second purchase was a sewing machine, and that's another day's story.)

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  1. Sue, i remember those pans never did buy any I alway use what i had. I got marry in 1966, years has gone by to fast!!!hubby got my first sewing machine, he traded his guitar for it at the western auto, I still have it and3 others.nice story on the pans! Have great day!