Sunday, March 6, 2011

Trying Out My New Toy and Leah Has Guests

Today is the first day for me to try my new laptop in my craft room.It is very awkward,but hopefully,I will adjust to it soon. My grand daughter is here with me today, and she likes for me to be near her,at all times,when she is here,regardless as to what she is doing. She is playing with her many Barbie dolls in the adjoining room,unaware that I am blogging.She usually gets upset,if my attention is on the computer,or anything else,for that matter,but I think she has adjusted to spending time alone,with her own thoughts and entertaining herself more,now that she is getting older.I am so glad she is learning to do that.
Today,Leah has 3 of Connie,grand daughters over to play for awhile today.Connie is from Granny's Sewing Room.The girls are near Leah's age and since her brother,John did not come with her today,she wanted the girls to come by for a visit.When John comes over, and there are 4 little girls present,he goes hog wild showing out. Way too much showing off for my nerves to handle,so today was a good day for the 3 girls to visit Leah.Leah wanted a clubhouse built in the basement, since it was rather cool outdoors, so rather than drag out the usual cardboard boxes and every other imaginable building materials, I decided to get Pop's turkey blind from the garage. It fit just perfect in the basement living area near the stove.We filled it up with blankets and pillows,and they made hot chocolate for themselves.They took a sachet around the yard once or twice, checking out the chickens and John's F-150, which  wasn't charged up enough to drive around the yard.Besides, it was a little too muddy.They didn't linger long outdoors,till their grand father pulled up to take them back home. It was a short visit, but I think they enjoyed it anyway.Leah is forever wanting them over or begging to visit them, but I am always afraid they will be too much for either Connie or I to handle for very long,especially indoors. Hopefully, this summer they will be old enough to spend a little more time together, without constant supervision.We both have enough ground for them to explore that is in plain view of the kitchen window.

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  1. Sue this is a good picture of the girls ,thanks for inviting them over they had a good time ,but said they didn't get to stay very long, I know how the kids can be , they are very busy at what they do and I thought an hour was long enough, when the weather break and is warm maybe they can play together longer, and Leah can come over here. I have alway hear that bobcat was in the area, I don't think they are as pretty as the picture, the one we seem crossing the road was really ugly!