Thursday, May 5, 2011

Composting and Such!

This is the comment I posted to Brendie, just a few minutes ago, but it's got me to thinking. I could talk about composting all day, so why not share my stories on the blog.

Brendie, it is so strange that I latched on to you as a blogger friend,and I have had that same dream for myself for centuries, of having my own commercial composting company. I dream about it often. It that not strange to you,too?I can see the many separate bins of compost at different stages of completion. I have dreamed about going from farm to farm and volunteering to clean out their barns for the manure,going to folks homes to pick up their leaves to use in my compost mixture,raising worms to contribute their part.Buying a huge shredder/mulcher to break down the bigger stuff, and a bobcat to turn it. Is is a strange dream for a lady to have,but that has been my dream for years,too.

I know it is a great help to find folks with similar interest listed under their profile, but how strange it is to find a friend who has so many of the same thoughts as yourself,on a specific subjects.I guess that human nature is like that,but we just don't reach out and explore the world close enough, as we do on these blogs,to find how much alike we really are,no matter in what country we were raised.

There was a company that made the rounds a few years ago,encouraging folks to get into the business of raising worms. I was not aware that a neighbor of ours was doing that,until the business folded and one day while visiting,he mentioned he had plenty of worm casting,and he asked if I would like a few bags. Man! Little did he know. He had said the wrong thing.I'd love to have a few bags of worm castings. I'd love to have a few beds of the worms,too,but he had no more of the worms left. Pop frets a lot over me being obsessed with the Purple Martins, he has not seen me obsessed yet. I have had a few red wigglers,which are composting worms,but I did not keep them moist enough in the old original barn we had and they died. That was when I was much younger and had not studied up on them enough. I think often of getting me a nightcrawler bed started. I do love having nightcrawlers,too. Our little town is inundated with them,and they say it is an excellent time to gather several up,after or during a heavy rain. Boy,did I miss my chance here lately. But then they have probably all drowned during this last weeks flooding.I'm not giving up on having nightcrawlers though. I now have one rabbit,and possibly will be getting another,so I'll have an excellent place to build my nightcrawler bed under their cage.That would be an excellent spot in my potting room.It has only a gravel floor,so I will rake back the gravel,and attach myself a few boards around the legs of the rabbit cage,and Wallah!I have myself a worm bed.I hope!I have read a little,but need to read more on just how to handle the worms,but I do want to give it one more try.I hope to have better luck with it than I did trying to raise Catalpa Worms.Afriend of mine brought me about 20 worms and placed them on my Catalpa tree,for starter worms. Up they went,never to be seen again.The tree was bulldozed a few years later, to make room for the new house.So much for raising the Catalpa worms for the local fishermen.But then C'est La Vie! That's life, and I'm so thankful I'm still able to Live and Learn.Hopefully,tomorrow is a new day with a new venture!


  1. I love my worm farm, can't remember what worms are in it, I think they were succinctly called 'composting worms' haha. Going to google images of night crawlers now, such a great, creepy name for them!

  2. Thanks for commenting,Cat J B.Nightcrawlers are HUGE earthworms. They make your soil so much better.Enrich it and open it up for plant growth. We have red clay here,so we need all the help we can get.

  3. I've been happy to find lots of worms in the soil here. Just tiny little things, but at least they're there!