Friday, February 5, 2021

Stretched Too Thin

 I have neglected my blog for so long, and there have been so many changes to the format, I don't know if I can find my way around it once more. I'll post an update, just in case.  This past year, I have been plagued with back issues, and I've put off having surgery because I was so afraid. I have heard so many horror stories about botched surgeries, it's caused me to worry about having anything done. I had an MRI in 2018, and knew that it needed attention, but I didn't give in until Nov. 2020. The surgery lasted 45 minutes, and I had no down time at all. Very little discomfort at all throughout the healing process. I had a minimal invasive laminectomy on two vertebrae. I was totally blown away at the fact it was such a breeze after all the worrying and waiting that I had done. My garden, my yard, my housework, my crafting, all had gotten neglected for the past year. Now that I am feeling so much better, I hope to do a lot of catching up. I have definitely been catching up on my crafting. Especially in my little quilt making and my crocheting. I have made roughly 20 small knitted hats for infants, countless numbers of dish washing cloths, multiple neck scarves, pot holders, table runners, and pin cushions. As you can tell, I do enjoy crafting. Now I worry about getting my yard and garden back in shape. My garden is near the road and I have been so embarrassed for the passersby to see it in such disarray. Hopefully, most of them have heard about my back issues. Now with the upcoming year, I will have an opportunity, God willing, to do better and whip it back into shape. Pictured is only a small portion of my garden. I do love spending time with it, so hopefully, I'll get it back in order soon.