Sunday, December 1, 2013

Live Forever

Many plants have many different common names and the sedum is no exception. I have always known this plant as a Live Forever. If I've ever wondered where it got that name, I need to wonder no longer. I have been clearing the old growth from my flower beds this last few pretty days, trying to get ahead of the really cold winter days ahead, and maybe even some rain. I had plucked the decomposing stems from the plants, and tossed them in a pile of debris that was waiting to be taken to the woods. With all of the unexpected road blocks that happens in life, the pile of discarded flower debris sat there for a few days.When I finally got back to the task of clearing the debris away, this is what I found.
The dead stems, or so I thought they were dead, had sprouted. So I plucked the sprouts off and will be starting new plants in another location in the yard. Not that I needed more, but I'm a gardener, you know, and I hate to toss any living plant, even if I have millions elsewhere.Happy Gardening!

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