Thursday, November 29, 2012

Regifting My Collectibles

 My collectibles have become overwhelming. Although I do love them, even I, know enough is enough. My attachment to them is a hard thing to shake, but I do enjoy, working with my gift bags, where I am using a combination of my crafts and my collectibles. The picture is of my latest project. The box  that I have used for my sleigh was simply a wooden box given to me by a friend.I never knew what it's purpose was. Possibly to hold paper files.I'm sure it was made by her son-in-law, since I know he is into wood crafts. This little wooden box has always stuck me as a good starting point for a sleigh. So,here it is. I cut out and assembled the runner parts and the brackets to fit them to the under side of the box.I painted them black to look more like metal.Then I filled all of the pits on the box,sanded it, and repainted it. Then I ran a strand of gold beads all around the edges.The collectibles inside the sleigh are several of the tree ornaments I have received over the years, while I was still working, from various times the staff all drew names.The little rein deer was in a bunch of crafts that I purchased from a friend who was going out of the craft business. I had a similar deer, but mine is a cut out that can be assembled and then disassembled when not in use.I am keeping it for a pattern later.I used some gold cord and put together a harness ,of sorts, for the reindeer.I know nothing about harnesses, so forgive me if it doesn't look much like a harness.I will be offering this grouping at the up coming auction to raise money for my sister-in-law's funeral expenses. Hopefully with the Christmas holidays just around the corner, someone will purchase it to add to their own holiday decorations. I am very pleased with this project.I am almost tempted to keep it for myself, but I'm sure,that would defeat my whole purpose of putting it together.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Finding My Niche

Due to a unfortunate occurrence, I think I am finally finding my niche in life. Well, maybe not my life, since I will be going on Medicare in February,but a peaceful and relaxing way to spend my retirement time. I am enjoying tremendously, my new found craft. Assembling gift bags. I have been toying with this idea for some time now, but I have just lately,decided to put a little more effort into it.Pop's sister passed away this past month, and her finances were such that the family had no funds for her burial. Her family, friends, and community have organized an auction and soup supper to help raise money for the burial expenses. It's heart wrenching to see just how many folks will gladly lend a helping hand in a time like this. The auction is a few days away, but appears to be coming together nicely, even though many of us have never had the experience of putting one together,from square one.There may be a few flies in the ointment, but overall, I think folks will understand, we are doing it for a good cause, even though we know nothing about organizing and setting up an entire auction.

I pictured one of my gift bags in my last post, and I am posting another today. I have been working with Mom lately, more than normal, since her Alzheimer's is worsening, but tonight, Vicki,one of my sisters, of My Favorite Things, is staying with her, to give me a little more time to create more gift bags and to gather up a few of my cherished collectibles to donate to the auction.(Pop is happy about that.)It has always been so hard for me to let go of my crafts and my collectibles, but with this cause,it has become much easier.I guess I am beginning to see that there are more important things in life than having pretty things around you.It is so sad to think it took a death to make me realize that.

I am a bit nervous over the upcoming auction, as I am sure the other participants are, but hopefully, it will all come together soon, and all will be just fine. I will post more about it as it happens.

The little gift box that I have made tonight is a sewing box,filled with a few of my little collectibles. A pretty pin cushion I dearly love, with lots of pretty pins and needles,a tiny jar filled with several tiny spools of thread(that's one of my handmade toppers on the jar),and a tiny book of Chicken Soup for the Christmas Soul.I worked on the little sewing box tonight after spending the biggest portion of the day with Mom and Vicki.

Mom had a regular doctor's appointment,and Dr. Green had her to go to Radiology for an x-ray on her hip.She fell two or three times this past three months.Rita and I felt nothing was broken, and we found out today that it wasn't,but she evidently had pulled or strained some muscles and bruised herself in a few places.She is healing slowly, but loosing strength in her legs from her inactivity.Dr. Green recommended she do as many leg lifts as possible,daily. She is pretty weak in her legs, but I think she is willing to try it.She hates being unable to carry on with her activities like she once did.She fell the first time while raking leaves in her yard.She has always been so active,it has to be hard to accept that you can no longer do the things you once did on a daily basis.She will be 87 in January.

After we finished at the hospital, we went out for a nice leisurely lunch at Captain D's.It was nice.When we returned to Mom's home, we found that Rita had dropped by on her way to work at Walmart, and left several dishes of goodies left over from her family's Thanksgiving meal on Saturday.Looks like Mom and Vicki will be eating good again tonight.Rita will be staying the night with Mom when she gets off at 9 p.m.It's a struggle figuring out a schedule so that Mom is never alone any more, but so far we are managing.Our families understand that we must do what needs doing, when it's required, and so far it's working out without a lot of stress on anyone,thanks to Vicki's help. Alzheimer's is a horrible disease. I feel for anyone who has to care for a family member with it. Alzheimer's knows no age. It is affecting younger folks,more and more, every day.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Duty Calls

There has been a lot going on in my life for the last few weeks, so I have not been posting. I do miss blogging, but when Duty Calls, we must respond.Mom has gotten a lot worse with her Alzheimer's disease,so we sisters are having to spend a lot more time with her. It is not safe to leave her alone any longer.Someone must be with her around the clock.

Pop lost a sister and we have been working on a Benefit Auction to help the family with the funeral expenses. Between these two obligations, there's little time for much else.

Today being Thanksgiving, Mom spent a couple of days and nights with other siblings. Mary and Vicki were having several other family members in to share their Big Day, so it was nice that Mom was up to being part of their day.It does her good to spend time with some of the other children who are not as much in the loop of caring for her as Rita and I have been.Rita was freed up to have Thanksgiving with her children and Pop and I got to spend time with some of his family.We stayed later than usual, over at the home of the son who had just lost his Mother. I'm sure it was comforting to the entire family, to have their Mother's one remaining sister and two brothers, plus numerous cousins, around them for the holiday.We had a nice meal with everyone bringing in a dish or two, then they all gathered around for a game of Cornhole,followed by an hour or two of watching home movies.A really nice day.

This picture above is one of my latest projects. This is one of my favorite things to do. Match up different articles and colors and put together an appealing gift package.These two colors make up one of my most favorite combinations.I think it evokes thoughts of Peaches and Cream.This particular set includes two mug rugs,a coffee mug with a Mother's verse,a pencil holder,a dish washing cloth,a wall hanging with a nice verse, and a catch-all tray to match. I think I would appreciate a gift like this,so hopefully, others will,too.

I have been compiling a few of these types of gift boxes for the auction, and I am enjoying that tremendously.It is very calming to me to work on these types of things. It takes my mind off of my problems better than anything else I could do.It's great therapy.