Saturday, March 31, 2012

A New Day-A New Idea

Each new day seems to bring a new idea. Why do some people get so many ideas for new projects, and others are bored out of their minds, with no ideas at all for keeping themselves occupied? Some times I think it is wonderful to have a creative mind, and then at other times, I feel it might be a curse. There are not enough hours in a lifetime to do all of the things I think about and want to do. Pop and I were discussing this topic just this week. He says I have so many things that I want to do,that I cannot bring myself to stay on any one thing long enough to finish it. My Mom has said the same thing for my entire life.I hate hearing that about myself, but what's worse, I hate knowing that it is true. I admire and respect folks who are able to set themselves a goal, and stick to it, until it's completed.If only there were classes one could take to achieve such in their lives.Then again, maybe there are, and I just haven't stumbled across them yet.I have purchased many motivational tapes and books,but the things I seek the most from them is still missing in my life. A rhyme,a reason, an organized plan,and the ability to stick to my plan until it's completed.My newest idea is one of the best ones I've had in years, or so I think, but getting it off the ground is the problem, and then again....every idea I've ever had has seemed to be the best one ever,at that time.

This latest little idea has stuck in my head,for a spell, so maybe it will be "the one".

I have made so many crafts over the years, only to let them either accumulate or to give them away as quick I've made them.Either way, I have never turned over a cent for the things I've made. I know there are some who think my crafts are not sell worthy, but personally, if I were looking for a last minute gift for a friend, I would definitely consider one of my crafts. I have, but I don't make it a habit of making things that are not useful.I think most things I make, any homemaker would enjoy having.

My latest idea are the little crocheted "surprise"gift bags I have been making.They will fit nicely into my newest plan, if only I could hash it out enough in my mind to make it work. This little pouch would hold an extra "surprise gift", going inside my larger gift bag.

Now,my number one problem is setting a price on my crafts. I make so many different things, but selling anything at all is the hard part. I end up giving everything away, although it is a constant thought in my mind to use my crafts to make a bit of pocket change if nothing else. I know I could never sustain myself on my selling abilities, for I have none. but by bartering,swapping, or trading. Maybe.Back in the day, when that was a normal way of life, I could do fine,but today the only type of payment accepted for most of our needs,is cash.

With the economy in the state it is in at the moment, it's hard to sell anything that isn't 100% necessary to exist on a day to day basis. Like food,clothing,shelter,and of course,utilities.

The newest little idea I have been hashing out in my head lately,is gift bags. I have so many items that could be put into the little see through bags, thus,making it very enticing to anyone looking for a simple gift.With warm weather well on it's way, it's time to think about setting up a few yard sales.I may make up a few of the gift bags to see how they are accepted. I have lots of great ideas for the contents.If this idea doesn't fly,I'll have lots of gifts all ready for next Christmas.What could be better? Sounds like I'll win, either way.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Another Little Rug

Another pretty little rug,or table topper, which ever you prefer to call it, is completed. Thanks,Terry, of Urania's Inspirations, for the lovely fabric. It has worked up nicely, and just enough to finish the rug.It turned out to be just the size I usually make. How could you have guessed the five yards or so(a close guess anyway) of fabric you sent me, would be just the right amount.Leah has already hit me up for the rug, but I have no plan of letting go of it, just yet.

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Lately,I have been reading more and more about quinoa.
 I am always searching for new ways to improve on our eating habits.  More specifically, ways to improve  the nutritional value of the foods we do eat. Since my husband is like a child,in the sense that he doesn't want to try anything with an odd or different name or appearance from the foods he knew and ate throughout his youth,it is a challenge to come up with new ideas.Pop is basically a meat and potatoes kind of guy, and since he now has developed diabetes, potatoes among other things he dearly loves,namely cornbread, is a no-no. Well, it might as well be. The small portions a diabetic is allowed to eat at a sitting is so small, Pop would rather not be tempted by my serving it at all,however,we do break over and cook up those forbidden dishes occasionally.

Today, I experimented with potatoes and turnips, trying to lower the carb count in the potatoes,so Pop could eat them more often.He tried the new version, and although it was not his most favorite dish, he agreed to try and tolerate it occasionally.That's a start.

Tonight, I decided to try to incorporate a little quinoa in the same dish. I only cooked up a small amount, and it was so good, in my opinion, I ate most of the sample myself.I am not real sure yet as to just how to use quinoa, but I am doing my usual experimenting. Hopefully,I'll hit on something soon, that we both will enjoy.When it comes to foods, I love experimenting. I always enjoyed that part of working with the school children, until Uncle Sam stepped in, and gave us super strict guidelines and recipes to follow. All of my experimenting went out the window. I do understand, after 27 years of working in the school food service though, that when you have so many little lives in your hands, you must be as cautious as humanly possible.So now I do my experimenting on my own family members.That's working out just fine for all involved. They love to eat and I love to cook.Well, since I retired,I take spells of loving to cook.No need to lie. I'd rather be crafting.But I do enjoy experimenting with new recipes.

Rough Times Call for Imagination and Experimenting

My older sister,Mary, has a blog, Nails in My Pocket, but swears she has no desire to be a writer. I hate that she feels that way since my sister,Vicki, of My Favorite Things, and I have so much fun sharing our thoughts and ideas with other bloggers. We have gotten lots of ideas from various bloggers and hope we are sharing some new ones with them.If we are not sharing ideas, we are, at least, letting others know how folks in our area,live and get by with the world's economy being as it is.

My sister,Mary, gathered all the turnips that over wintered in her garden spot this last few days, and has tried every way imaginable, to find homes for them,but no takers.Pop says Spring turnips that have carried over the winter will be pithy and not so good, but we are eating they and found that was not entirely so. They taste fine. We had a very mild winter this year, so maybe that was the reason.Mary pulled about 300 turnips from her bed,washed them, and loaded them in her pickup truck.She hauled them to my house yesterday,as she had a doctor's appointment and needed to use her truck to get to my house.I would be taking my truck on to town, since it hauls more people.Mom,Vicki,Mary and myself would be making today, Our Girls Day Out. At the end of the day,I took a mere handful of the turnips, and now wish I had taken more.I think Mom and Vicki kept a handful,too.Most folks,it seems,want these types of things, but they want you to grow it, pick it, clean it, and they would prefer you to package and preserve it,too, before they would accept it.Sad,but true.

Nevertheless, Mom and Vicki were at their home experimenting with their turnips. I think they ended up with a pot of turnip greens for supper. I set out to experiment this morning with mine. I had done a little research on the carbohydrate content of turnips and potatoes. I found that turnips have only a mere amount of carbs whereas the potato has way too many carbs for a diabetic to eat that often.

Pop loving potatoes as he does, I decided to grate up a turnip or two and two or three potatoes, and a big onion. I put it all together in a big skillet, seasoned it well with lots of herbs and such, smothered it down low,then headed out to let Pop try it. When he sees me coming with a plate and a fork, out to where he is working, he gets suspicious. I have done that many many times in the last 33 years,so he is wise to me now. It usually means I have been experimenting and want his opinion.He tasted the dish cautiously, and agreed it was not that bad. He says it is a good alternative to no potatoes at all.There are lots of other creative ways to use turnips, as we are all finding out.Mary plans to do a little experimenting of her own today.I'll keep you posted as to what she has come up with, since I know she will not.Have you got any creative recipes for using turnips?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Need More Storage,You Say?

I just pinned a site this past week on Pinterest,on making more storage containers from boxes. This has always been one of my most favorite things to do, and if you follow my blog, you know this is only one of my many favorite things to do.I just whipped up this cute little storage container this very morning.A crafter can never find enough ways to store their supplies,of which we have many.I have constructed shelves on top of shelves, and lined them with boxes, plastic hampers,cans,jars,anything I can find that will hold supplies. I can hear it now. Why not narrow down my interests and minimise my need for more storage? My response to this is:How many alcoholics do you know?Being a habitual crafter is a lot like being a habitual anything.It's so easy to say what you would do, but doing it, is an altogether different matter.Without help. It has been a problem and/or a sickness I struggle with, every day of my life,and will most likely do so until the day I die.Meanwhile, I will continue making my cute little storage containers. I am so pleased with this one today. I found a beautiful piece of oil cloth this past week, and had to have it. I could think of so many things to use it for. Although making a storage box was not on that list, it worked out quite well for that project, just the same. I,personally, think it turned out nicely.

Kathy,where are you?

It has been forever since I've heard a single word from Kathy ,one of my blogger friends.The last I did hear was on the Amish of Munfordville site, and that was back in September of 2010.

The recent outbreak of tornadoes has gotten me to thinking of her once more.I have added Grow Casey County to my list of followings in hopes that I might stumble across her there.

I have posted a few words on various sites in hopes she would see them. I think she goes to the library on occassion to view the different blogs she once followed, but not real sure of that.

She moved to a house which was owned by Menonites in the Casey County area. The house had no electricity or running water, so it was her plan to live as the Amish people do. She was getting her life set up there when I last heard from her.I would truely love to hear from her again.

Kathy, if by chance, you do read this, please contact me somehow. I plan to attend the Hart County Produce Auction again this season, and would love to arrange to meet you there.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Surprise Package from Terry

Thank you so much,Terry, for the beautiful fabric. Vicki and I were up till 11 or so, ripping and rolling the fabric into the large ball. As you can see, and I have already begun making things with it. I do enjoy crocheting with fabric. The possibilities are enless as to what one can make with it.

I woke up at 4 this morning, and made this little basket, before Pop or Vicki arose. The little eggs are empty shells saved from my experience with raising the quail. I will miss having the eggs when my supply is gone. I may end up buying another pair or two, just to replenish my supply. They are a neat item to have on hand when making many of my crafts.
This is one of the little sheep Vicki and I have been working on creating. We have kicked the idea around in our heads for several weeks now. We finally got the opportunity to actually try making one.Between the two of us and the goodies I have collected over the years, we had all of the supplies needed to assemble it. The core is a small piece of wood salvaged from the house building  and protected from Pop's wood burning sprees.The fur is thread ripped from an old carpet. The face and ears are cut from felt and stuffed with whatever scraps we find and/or batting.The legs are cut from the remnants of the light weight wood we used to cut out the crows a week  or two ago. We are both pleased with the finished product so far.We may decide to tweek it a little more as we make others and get the hang of it.

Vicki plans to make many more.Her daughter,Beverly, really likes the sheep.She would like to keep one for herself, so hopefully Vicki will be making several more,one for Bev and some to be sold in her booth.