Thursday, October 18, 2012

Getting Ready for Trick or Treat Night

I had several soup cans accumulated here lately, and I was wanting to get more into making Christmas arrangements, so I needed a project to use up a lot of the cans quickly. While doing a bit of shopping yesterday, I ran across a roll of duct tape with candy corn printed on it.I had no reason for buying it, but thought it might come in handy in my crafting sometime,so I bought it to add to my supplies. Who knows when I'll ever find a roll like that again.

Well, today, it hit me. Use the cans up by making pencil holders for my Trick or Treat visitors. Perfect! I rummaged through my supplies and found a can of black spray paint. Perfect again!So I got to work. Within an hour or two, I had made up 25 cans. That's about all the visitors we get way back here at 40th and Plum. I'll fill some baggies with candy and tie them up with an orange thread or ribbon..
Who could ask for a nicer treat, and I've solved my problem of moving the cans quickly.

Our Pond Do-Over

I've posted about our new pond and how a sink hole broke out in it, and we lost all the water we had gotten so excited about.We dammed up the little bit of water that remained, and Pop worked for days trying to patch the sink hole to no avail.Finally he decided to build up the walls of the pond right across the patched sinkhole, thus making our pond a bit smaller, but still big enough to hold enough water for the deer and other wildlife to drink.Pop had heard about a product that was suppose to help seal ponds, so he went up town and purchased 6 bags,about 80 pounds each. It was a fine gray powder which looked alot like cement.We sprinkled the material all around the outer edges of the pond, and then he took the tractor and disc and worked it in the ground good. I then took Ole Rose,our big tractor, and made about 20 circles around the pond,packing it down as best I could. Then we waited for rain. We did get a very light rain last night, and the small portion of the pond on the right, is holding some water. We are expecting more rain possibly tonight or Friday.We'll definitely need a little more rain to tell if the pond is going to hold this time,but if we can only keep the small pond we have now, we will be content.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bye Bye Peanuts

When I began this post today, this was all that was left of the peanuts from the four plants I grew in my garden this year.I harvested about 4 cups total and after a lot of experimenting, I think I have finally got the hang of it. 
Next year, I will cover the vines with extra soil,something I failed to do this year. That should bring in a better yield of peanuts for next year's crop.
Hopefully,I'll get them in the ground a little earlier than I did this year.
Right before the first expected frost,I'll dig the peanuts.
I will wash them really good and pluck them from the roots of the plants.
Next, I will cover them with salt water and let them soak for several days.
Then I will air dry them or put them in the dehydrator until they are totally dry.
Then I will put them on a cookie sheet and toast them in a warm oven for a few hours, turning them every once in awhile.

I'm not sure if this is the correct procedure, but I am well pleased with the results of my first try at raising peanuts, so it can't be too far from correct.

I hope Pop had not planned to eat more of the peanuts,for they are now history.

There's Peace in Pastels

When I browse through some of the many beautiful pages of pictures posted by Carolyn over at Aiken House & Gardens, I get such an overwhelming feeling of peace. I love the pastel colors throughout her pages, and more specifically, the pink roses. I love pink roses.

I decided to make something that brings peace to me,even though it is not really a practical project.I worked on it incessantly, until it was finished, simply because I wanted to see if I could produce something that would bring me such a feeling of peace, just by having it in my presence.I say it's not practical, because a hot pad or a mug rug will inevitably, get soiled when used, and I hate to use these little pads for that reason. I may just hang them on the wall in a frame. I have done that before,although I have never cared to make things just to look at. Most of my projects have a purpose and are usable.

I'm not real sure what it is about this color combination,peach and antique white but it definitely does evoke peace for me.Nevertheless, here they are. Two little mug rugs,of sorts.Now, finding a special place for them is my next task.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Critiquing my Creations

I'm satisfied with this one with the Ducks.
With Scarecrow(I may retouch this one. It's a bit too much)
This one needs something more.
I may rework the sign placement but other than that, I'm happy with this one.
From Last years experimenting.
                     Now I'm off to the woods to gather more embellishments.This is such fun.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Happy Harvest!

   Happy Harvest to All
       My Blogger Friends!    

Friday, October 12, 2012

My Pink Potting Table

My Potting Table is pink today,and even though it's really pretty, that's not the final coat.

I made this potting table a few years ago to use in my potting shed. My Potting Shed never got a roof, so I decided to do something else with my table before the weather destroyed it totally.I built it from used lumber and it was rough wood, so the wood was really soaking up my paint.I had only a small amount of my favorite paint, the barn red paint,so I found a can of pink that wasn't going to be used for anything else in the near future.Hopefully,now the red I do have will be enough to give it a final coat. If not, I'll try to get the local guys at the Do-It-Center to mix me more. I haven't had much luck in getting the same color mixed again. The original can was one I picked up at a consignment shop, so it's hard to match.The name on the can says Salem Red, but I love it and I call it Barn Red.I use a lot of that color for my crafts.

 As a matter of fact, I have been making a few more of my little bird house/barn/house type crafts that I love making in the Fall and Winter. Yes! I think I will definitely need more red paint.

Peace and Contentment From a Jar

I 've started making these little jar toppers this past few weeks and am enjoying it thoroughly.My pattern stems from a small doily that I picked up somewhere in the past, that pleased me so. I don't usually follow directions when I crochet, but I can usually look at a pattern and copy it pretty close.My Mother use to do a little crocheting, years ago, when she was younger and had better eyesight, and I remember her using a pattern on occasion. I tried, but never tried hard enough(I guess I just wasn't interested enough at that time) to learn the different stitches and follow the directions,but that has been my way of doing things my entire life. Just wing it.

Each Fall and Winter, it usually happens this way.I start making a particular item, and I continue making that same item, over and over. I have spent several Winters doing this. It is like an uncontrollable habit now.

The pattern for the little jar toppers varies from one to another. I keep finding different things I want to try with each one, but the finished project usually pleases me just the same.

 I have so many different colors of thread that I have collected from consignment stores and the like. It is such a joy matching up the ribbon and the thread.Next will come the little labels that I enjoy making as well, and of course, deciding what to put inside of each little jar.

 I have decided to try adding a few of my embellishments that I assemble for the tree and gift wrapping.It seems,with each new jar topper, a new idea pops into my head.I get so excited when working with Fall and Winter crafts. I know it must be the color that affects me that way.It has to be sinful to get such pleasure from working with these tiny crafts. Especially, since the cost of my supplies is so little. In many cases, I am using recycled materials

.I hope everyone gets as much peace and contentment from their favorite crafts as I am enjoying with mine.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fall and Gift Jar Toppers

Fall is such a beautiful time of the year. Some flowers take a second growth, after the long hot dry year we have had this summer, and others are showing their beautiful faces for the first time.

The huge aster bushes are finally filling out with thousands of tiny violet colored daisy like flowers. They are one of my favorite flowers. I think they bring back memories of the peaceful times of my Grandmother's day. The aster has been a mainstay in many a yard, especially in the yards of the older generations. I have given starts to lots of folks in the past 40+ years.It is definitely one of the highlights of my Fall flower gardens. Hopefully, by another year, I can start several new plants all around our new property.

With the cooler days of Fall upon us,I tend to busy myself a bit more with indoor crafts.I spent a day in the shop last week cutting and sanding tiny pieces of wood for making more pumpkins for my Fall crafts, but Christmas is drawing near, so some of my thoughts are definitely on that,too.

One of the things I have been making for the Christmas Holidays is the little jar topper which I have come to love.I found one at a consignment shop, and that gave me the idea to try one for myself. I didn't use that particular pattern, but found one I had stashed away, that struck my fancy. I have been making the toppers ever since.I plan to display a few of them in the craft bazaar soon to see how they might sell. Surely, they would make a nice gift,if only to say "I was thinking of you."You could fill a little jar with whatever you choose.Nuts,candy,jams or jellies,money....the list is endless as to what you could use(and they could use the topper to pass a gift along to someone of their choosing).

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Peanuts and Sweet Potatoes

This has been my first try at growing peanuts, and it hasn't been very successful. I planted about a dozen hills, but only four survived to maturity. I pulled them up last night, hoping they were done, but now, I am not sure. I failed to do enough research on them, and I may have pulled them to early. I don't know what to do with them now that they are pulled and cleaned.I soaked a couple of cups in salt water hoping to give them a better taste, but I don't know anything about what I need to do with them. I put the remainder of the  nuts in the dehydrator, but they still don't taste like I was hoping.Pop says his Mamaw used to toast them in an old iron skillet and they tasted better, but in my opinion, they wouldn't win any blue ribbons.I put one or two nuts, after shelling them,in the skillet with the cornbread I was cooking for supper, and it tasted a bit more like I was used to, but a long way from being perfect. Hopefully, I will toast a few tomorrow in the iron skillet,wit a little salt and butter,and,hopefully, they will taste better. The salt is missing, for one thing, and unsalted peanuts are a long way from the the top of my favorite food list.Maybe the ones I'm soaking in salt will be better after the drying and toasting. Regardless of how they turn out, this has been an experience I will not soon forget. Maybe, next year with a little more research and one years experience under my belt, all will go better.

Pop had a much better turn out on his 12 hills of sweet potatoes. We don't eat that many, but we do enjoy raising a few, and we love seeing them grow.I'll put a few in a jar of water for house plants, then we'll have slips to grow another bunch next year.Pop's Mamaw always grew one in a jar, and it brings back fond memories for him.

Friday, October 5, 2012

A Dog's Life

Pop felt this would be a great story to share on Facebook. I may get to that later, but for now, I think it will make a nice story for my blog.Pop doesn't know much about blogging, but he hears quite a bit about Facebook from his two daughters and myself,but with the grand daughter, it is another story.Every time I snap a picture, she comments,"Don't tell me. It's going on your blog."The little brat.She does that to bug me, so I have learned to ignore her when she says that, and that bugs her.

Nevertheless, Pop wanted me to mention that HE leads a dog's life, but HE has to get in line.

This incident was a rare one. Three dogs in the house.We don't have three house dogs. Lily is our only house dog,and we do have two semi-house cats.Speckles is the new pup that snuck in when the door was open this morning, and the third dog belongs to the grandchildren.We are dog sitting for them while they take their vacation.They have been spending a little time in Florida during fall break.

I can see now why folks charge so much to dog sit for others. Abby is old and she is very cantankerous.She follows me every step, usually when I am in the kitchen. She is constantly begging for food. She wants to be rubbed when she sleeps. It's like caring for an infant child,but she is very old, so we must coddle her a bit.  I do love my pets, but they learn early on, that I am too busy to have a needy pet.I know that sounds a little selfish, but for the most part, our pets are very well treated and they know it.

 I know Abby misses her family, but she seems pretty relaxed, there by my feet as I type up my blog.

Yes, Pop I think you're right. It seems you do lead a dog's life in many ways. You both even sound a lot alike when you snore.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Lucky vs. Mockingbird

I have written a few times about Lucky and the Mockingbird, but today I do not have a sweet story to tell. I can only assume from the long pretty feathers that I've found on the carport,that Lucky has eaten his friend, the Mockingbird. I know there are lots of Mocking birds around, but this one had gotten so use to playing with Lucky, I fear he might have let his guard down, just a bit too much.

I do love my Cats, but it's times like that that I tell myself, "Never will I, ever again, have another cat when these are gone". I know that cats are predators  and they do things like this,daily. I just simply don't usually see it. Today the feathers on my doorstep,broke my heart to think of the dreadful death the bird must have endured, and to be eaten by your friend. What could be worse?

I'll never know if it was truly the same bird that appears in my yard frequently, but the thought of Lucky eating such a beautiful bird, disturbs me. Why couldn't it have been a dreadful,annoying,pests, like the Starling?

Monday, October 1, 2012

I'm Back Online,But...

After worrying myself silly about what I need to do, I decided to junk the older computer(5 years old) and get a new one. The folks I have been talking to, about my case, say it's most likely out dated enough to warrant getting a new one. Five years, that runs about $100. a year. I guess,considering the pleasures I have gotten from the use of my computer,it's worth that much,but that doesn't include all of the extra expenses that go along with owning a computer.There's security.That's always be a puzzle to me,not knowing which one to use. There are so many things out there that you need to be protected from, it's hard for a person with no computer skills at all, to know what they need. I keep thinking I'll see what our local college offers along that line, but then I must consider Mom's condition. I need to be available when she needs help,especially with her being in the early stages of Alzheimer's. You never know what her needs will be at any given moment, so again, my wishes must be put on hold a bit longer. Maybe I'll get to take a few classes before I reach 70 years of age,but five years passes very quickly,barring any unforeseen problems with MY health.

My mind has been so bombarded here lately, with these two problems, I have had not time to think of blogging. Blogging is a great release for me, so I really would love to get back to it, but there are so many other responsibilities that get first priority any more,it will have to wait.

.Hopefully, things will lighten up for me soon, and I can get back to it.