Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Memories of Thanksgivings Past!

More than any other Holiday, Thanksgiving brings thoughts of big families gathering together,enjoying the meal, and spending time with family members with whom you don't get to see that often.Years ago when Dad was living, we would all gather together at one of our homes. Driving to where ever the gathering was to be held that year,and you could see many homes,along the way,with cars all encircling the farm houses. You would just know they were enjoying some of the same things you remember from your own family's Thanksgiving festivities.I remember looking out the car window,at those homes, and all the feelings that would well up inside me, just remembering the closeness of our family back then. It is a feeling ,that to this day, brings tears to my eyes. If only we could recapture those feelings in our present day gatherings. Family have grown up, each in their own way, and drifted off to their own little world. Never to get together again with that same closeness.Some members of our families have passed on, and others have fell away from the family for whatever reason. You hear of this happening from so many families,so it's not just my family. It's happening in American families everywhere. If you have not experienced some of these things, you are truly blessed. Enjoy every moment of the time you spend with your loved one.Nothing lasts forever.It is my wish that your families stay close and cherish every moment of the time you spend together.I hope your family had a very Happy Thanksgiving, and are now looking forward to a Wonderful Family Christmas and New Year.

Note:The picture is not of our Thanksgiving this year, but the theme is the same.A big family gathering with lots of food.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

What's Your Pleasure?

Regardless of our choice of mediums, we need to put aside our pumpkin making now, and concentrate on Christmas decorations, unless,of course, we are making them for next years bazaars.(Connie, I hope you don't mind me using your little quilted pumpkin in my picture,too.)I love the Fall colors. I could make something with them any day of the year. There is something about those warm bright colors that gets my blood surging in my veins, but then so does the bright reds,greens,gold,and silver,and even the bright whites of the Christmas season.I have read different articles about color therapy, but wasn't real sold on the validity of it,but maybe there is something to it. You know like painting jail cells a certain color to calm the prisoners or classrooms to calm the kids. I guess it might have some truth to it. Use bright colors to give folks more energy.Maybe if I tell Pop about the articles I've read, he will give in for me to paint my walls something brighter like Cranberry or Forest Green(well,maybe not the bedrooms,they'd need a calmer,more peaceful color)I would love to try one wall at least,maybe a small one,just to see if I'd like it.My sister suggested tacking up a sheet or a piece of fabric to see how I like it first. Not sure if I could get a good feel from that or not,but it could be a job trying to cover that dark paint if I decide it wasn't for me.I guess I'll give the sheet or fabric a try.I sure wish I had one of those programs where you can click on any piece of furniture or wall,etc.,and change it's color. I used one of those when I was picking floor coverings and paint and cabinets while we were building our new house, so I know they make such a thing,but it would probably cost an arm and a leg,and I need all my appendages in tact for a little while longer.
Christmas is coming,you know, and I plan to be ready.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Squirrel Inspired Me Today....

A little squirrel,outside my kitchen window, inspired me today, to write this little poem.If only I had snapped a picture of him.

The Squirrel in the Tree.

Hurry! Hurry! Come and see.
A little squirrel, playing in the tree.

But wait a minute!
He's coming down.

I think he sees something
Down below,on the ground.

No! He's headed for the shed.
Could it be, he's found a piece of bread?

Nellie Mae has left some corn.
Maybe that is what he's after?
Or maybe an acorn or a hickory nut,
That was dropped by my little crafter?

Let's be still and watch him play.
Oh No! Bear has come to chase him away.

Bear is our guard dog.
And she does a good job,as you can tell,

But I only wish she'd sleep a little longer,
So I can watch the squirrel at play.Oh well!

by Sue Nugent 11 24 10

Monday, November 22, 2010

I'm Done Kissing Frogs!


My newest blog will be used mainly to show some of the crafts I have made,or will be making, and to tell how I made them.I mentioned, a night or two ago, that I had an ah-ha moment. This was it. I had been working on a site for selling my projects, and it just wasn't coming along like I'd planned, so I came up with this idea. I will take my crafts to yard sales and craft bazaars, in hopes of selling a few pieces, but if I end up giving them all to friends and family, so be it. I have had the pleasure of making them, and showing others how I did make them. I think I will enjoy that more. I guess the saying,"You'll need to kiss a few frogs before finding your Prince" applies here. I hope this is my Prince.I have kissed enough frogs to last a lifetime.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


It is my opinion that,Kathy's email address, at Kathy's Musings, has been compromised. I recieved an email,marked no subject, which I should not have opened,but I did, and my computer threw up a big warning box. Security Threat. We need to hear something from you, Kathy,or anyone who communicates with her, to let us know she is alright, and what the problem is.Please use caution when emailing or answering emails from Kathy's address.

Friday, November 19, 2010

An All Purpose Bar Soap From Mom's Past!

The picture is from The Mother Nature Network..(http://www.mnn.com/your-home/around-the-house/blogs/back-to-basics-colgates-octagon-soap#)
I was reading Brendie's blog, and she tells of an all purpose bar soap that her mother once used for her family.That must have been the way my Mom's folks did. They had a soap that was used in a similar way.Octagon Soap. I had never heard of it, until a few years ago. We had taken my mother to visit her people in south Louisiana, and we went shopping,with the family.We were exploring all the Cajun products that we only see occasionally in Kentucky. It was fascinating.We ran across this soap, and Mom began to tell us the story about how everyone in Louisiana grew up with that soap in their household. That was a the first I had heard of it, so I had to buy a few bars to take home. That's been several years now, and I still have a bar lying around just for memories sake,I guess,but after reading all I have about the soap, I may contact my cousins from Louisiana and have them to bring me a case of it on their next trip to Kentucky. They try to visit at least once a year. Last year, I had them to bring me figs. Most times,when they visit, they bring products they know we like, but are not found often in our Kentucky stores.I guess the soap folks are making themselves,nowadays, is basically, the equivalency to that type of household all purpose soap.All the more reason, I need to get it in gear, and learn to make my own soap,once more.(I did make lye soap, once as a project in school, with a program called Project Outreach. The Principal talked me into heading up the program for that year.I agreed since it was only for 20 nights.Ten before Christmas, and ten after Christmas, with a break between.I enjoyed every minute of it.I had to line up 20 people to put on demonstrations for the guests who chose to attend,each for a one hour session,each teaching the class their specific craft.The first ten nights went great. Then the program fizzled out, after Christmas, for whatever reason.Not so many takers on my last ten sessions, but the pay was great,so all was not lost.And I did enjoy the opportunity to do something that was "right down my alley".I love showing folks how to make crafts.(An ah-ha moment...I just gave myself a new idea.More later on that.)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

I Won! I Won! I Won! Well,Maybe Not!

Guess what! I have just recieved an email saying my email address had been selected to win a BMW and a cash prize of 750,00 something.
Only it is in the United Kingdom. How do I get a car over the ocean,and pay the cost of doing so, and still think I had won a car,not to mention a BMW. And what country can afford to give away a car and 750,000 anything, in this recession.
What kind of a fool do they think I am to fall for that story.Sorry, Mr.Nath Gibsion,you won't be hearing from this recipient.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What does "Retired" Mean to you?

I had once thought "Great!I'm retired. Now I can do what I want." Big Mistake! Your time is never as much your own as you would like.I spend a lot of time helping others since I have retired. Don't get me wrong. It is my nature to want to help others. That is a lot of my problem. I am too sympathetic,and gullible,and naive, or so I hear from every direction,but,there are times when I feel I need more Me Time.I have the usual things that everyone else must deal with,like Mom,the grandchildren,the husband,the never ending company,the pets,the yard, the garden,the finances,the bill paying,the grocery shopping.I could go on and on.What I really want to do,is to spend more time ORGANIZING MY STUFF. I do have a lot of what most folks would call clutter, but to me it is mostly things I have collected over the years with the intention of using it, in my hobbies,which is mainly crafting.When you are not organized, it all looks like clutter.At least, this is what folks keep telling me. However,I think I am beginning to see daylight in my craft room.I thought I saw a glimpse of it, way back when, but that was before I spent the week and a half, helping the little lady that moved back to California.She had basically been abandoned,and homeless,for the most part, and I felt compelled to help her.She had a lot of nice STUFF,which she brought out of storage,to sort through,but as you know, she had to get rid of a lot of it,for her 2200 mile trip back to her home.She would be driving,herself, in an older model pickup truck,with full racks,pulling a 16foot long trailer with 5 foot racks.We sorted through her stuff for about 10 days. She tried to yard sale some things, she auctioned off some things, and she gave away some things,and knowing me, and how I hate waste,or throwing out anything that might be considered useful, in any way, you can imagine the load I brought home.But, as I have said before,many of her interests were the same as mine,so most of her things blended right in, with what I already had. I was in hopes that HE would never notice.I catch enough flack over my own stock of collectibles.I did get boocoodles of plastic hampers and bins from her though, and that made it look a lot worse than it was. I have always stored my stuff in boxes.Now I have lots of nice bins to organize my stuff in. That will make it all better.(Sorry,but I need to keep telling myself that,if I'm to get through it).
If I don't live long enough to see my organizing completed, at least, I have enjoyed going through my collectibles once more.Some, I haven't seen for years.
I did take time out from "organizing" to do a little crafting yesterday. That always rejuvenates me.Then there's this sinus headache.I hate being sick.It might be a passing virus. My head has been bursting for a few days, and today, I am feeling nauseous, and that is rare for me.
Well,I took a nap with a pail by my bed,just in case,and a sinus cold tablet,and felt some better after the nap.Hopefully,it's just a passing virus.

I thought about putting a picture of my organizing progress, but decided the above picture expresses more of what retirement should look like.I'll keep dreaming.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mailing my Gift Box Today!

I reread the post about our Swap,and found that it was for an ornament and a card.
I had originally thought it was a sampling of the crafts we make,that we would be sharing, and had proceeded to compile those things,only to find I was mistaken.I
am sending my box along, but would love to send another, some time in the near future, with some of the things I make.Nevertheless,this will be a good test to
see how long it takes the package to get there, and whether or not it gets there
in one piece.(It's on it's way to New Zealand,as of today,Brendie.)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Waiting for an Answer.....

Kathy's Musings and Frugal Trenches

I have tried to reach you both by email, but as of yet, have been unable to do so.
I'm looking forward to your responses to my emails. Thanks.

A Fun Way to Start the Day!

I still cannot get the right procedure down to add a link to my blog. Sometimes it works,sometimes not. Let's hope it works today.You may need to copy and paste it into your browser.
I ran across this clip from an email I received,from UTube, and thought it was the cutest thing.And the little guy doing the talking is so funny with it all. Check it out.


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Count Me In!


I just added my name to the list of folks who are willing to help out with the Christmas Project offered through Frugal Trenches.It is a good feeling knowing you are helping a child who desperately needs it.I sponsored an Indian child for many years through another program. Writing letters and sending little gifts.I know I enjoy getting some little something in the mail on occasion,whether it be a letter or gift. These children may be too small now, but they will grow and hopefully, one day soon,will know how you cared about them.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Wood Cutting Time!

There's been lots of wood cutting going on around our place lately,too.Pop usually cuts the bad trees on a neighbor's farm. The two of them share the work, and the wood. That works out good for both, since we have no trees on our little piece of ground,and the neighbor doesn't get around as good as he once did,plus he has lots of woods on his property. Another neighbor gave us all the old lumber from his wind damaged barn.It was really dry and cured,so it is excellent for quick fires these chilly mornings. Wood is one thing we never run short of.Pop sees to that. We have electric heat and AC, but we use the furnace very little during the cold winter months, unless the fire goes out during the night,but that's rare. Pop has the fire building down to a science. He knows his wood.He was a logger at one time. He knows which wood holds better than others.Some burn quick and don't keep fire all night. Others smolder along slowly.There is an art to controlling the dampers,too. He has tried teaching me. I try,but I still have a lot to learn. Hopefully, I won't have to take care of the fire building any ways soon.Now that we have a basement, it works out much better.The block walls retain heat all day, and when the fire goes out during the day,with these warmer evenings we are having now,the house stays warm until he can build another fire,when and if it's needed.Soon we will be keeping fire around the clock.But we're ready for it.Pop has enough wood piled on the carport to last a while, if it gets very rough this winter.Let's hope we don't have any more ice storms,but then we're ready for that,too. We have a nice big generator, ready and waiting.So bring it on,Mother Nature.Meals cooked on the wood stove ain't half bad!

Too Little,Too Late?

I am 62 years old and have grown up composting and recycling. It is second nature, like breathing, to me. After reading some of the posts, to my husband this morning, we got in a huge discussion on the fact that it's almost too little, too late. The recycling done by the few folks who are doing so, is not a drop in the bucket, compared to the huge factories that send tons of materials to the land fills on a daily basis, instead of being sent to be recycled. My husband worked for many years for companies where he saw it first hand, and even participated in the bulldozing which covered the dump sites. He feels the small amount of recycling I do in our home is worthless, on account of seeing the things he has. He feels my efforts are in vain, and are a waste of time.I wash and bag every piece of recyclable material that comes through our home and deliver it 25-30 miles to what I feel is a reputable recycling organization.They meet me at the door and take my materials inside where they have a crew waiting to sort it and send it on big trucks to larger towns where they have the set up to better utilize it.So many folks in our country are too lazy to bother with recycling.
And, yes,I do agree with one of the comments to my previous post, in that the products we buy are "junk". Years ago, you could buy an appliance and have it for twenty years. My parents had a refrigerator which they purchased in about 1950, and when I left home and got a job,and married in 1966, I thought they needed a nice, new, prettier one, so I talked Mom into getting rid of the "old" refrigerator,which was still in good working order,at the time, to make room for the newer,prettier one. The new one lasted only 4 years.The older one continued working for several more years. My home burned 3 years ago,and we installed all new appliances. Within 2 years, the microwave went out, and the cost of repairing it was nearly as much as a new one. We bought a new one to go in it's place. The old one sits on the porch,looks like new, but is worthless.Why is this allowed to happen?Hopefully, I can donate it to an appliance repair school for training purposes.I feel the marketing people figured out that if they make appliances that solid and sound, they would not get enough resells from these poor folks.That spells greed to me.They could care less if already struggling families can or cannot afford a new fridge in 4-5 years. All they care about is the almighty dollar they're putting in their pocket.Now many of our tools,appliances,clothing,etc. are made in other countries.Cheaper labor is a big reason for moving our factories to other countries.Again,greed enters into the equation, but much of the reason,too,I feel, is because so many American people have become to lazy and complacent to work.Good jobs are hard to find nowadays, but folks who really want to work, will find work. It may not be the ideal job they once had, but they will find work of some kind to carry them over until,hopefully,the economy bounces back, if it ever does.
The politicians in Washington can bicker and squabble to the end of time, as I'm sure they will, but the problems in our country, are not going to be solved during the four year tenure of any one man.Especially since that one man does not have the power the world thinks he has. In many cases, his wishes,whether they be favorable or not, are overruled by Congress, in one way or another.Congress,as is most of our government, is a complicated thing, and made more so by the dishonesty of so many folks in powerful places.It seems we are at their mercy, and becoming more so, day by day.Our need to be more self sufficient and self reliant is of utmost importance.More now than at any other time.I, for one, am working harder, toward that very goal.I think we all need to wake up and take heed, before it's too late, although it may be too late already, to turn things around.We need to spend less,make more of what we need and use,utilize what we already have,recycle more,find more wholesome and less expensive entertainment,help our neighbors by bartering and sharing more.These are only a few ways we can begin to make things better.It's a long hard road, but our once great nation was built by hard working folks,rolling up their sleeves and doing these same things. They struggled and survived and built a strong nation.Surely we can do the same,once again.

These are my opinions only. I don't claim to know much about politics, but I am smart enough to know things are not going well, and we each need to do what we can to change it.

This verse may not be worded accurately,but you get the idea.

If you always do,what you've always done,You'll always get what you've always had.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Living With Less!

Every since I began blogging, this has been the underlying goal for most bloggers in other countries. Tonight is the first time I have heard it mentioned in the news media in my country. Many of the folks I know,have been living pretty close to the bone all their life, while others don't have a clue as to how to live with less.I think more folks in the USA need to take this challenge and hopefully it will catch on and start a wave as it has in other countries.It is my opinion that the USA is one of the most wasteful countries on the planet.You can drive down the road, city or country, on garbage collection day, and see what others are discarding. Lots of times it's things that are better than what I have been using on a daily basis.It makes one sick to think people are so wasteful.And many times, these are the folks who are getting government checks of some sort, in the mail each month. I think they need to be held accountable to someone for their wasteful ways.Maybe the news folks could travel around with a camera,and expose these folks by showing them on their news program. Maybe by embarrassing them in front of the world,it would help to wake them up.We are burying ourselves in our own garbage.These same folks,too,are the ones who refuse to recycle.For those of us who are living on less,recycling,and conserving,it seems as though we are just spinning our wheels, trying to make this a better world to live in.Unless more people start pulling in the same direction, we will all lose.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Another Long Day!

Today was a very long day. The time change was not the only hurtle. We had both grandchildren.They were on their best behavior today, since their Dad had come down on them pretty hard about all the sibling fighting. I worry they will cripple each other at times, but I know it is mostly just something they do.They do hurt one another at times, but I tell them not to come crying when it happens, since they won't listen when I tell them not to do it.They get such pleasure out of "picking" at each other.Nevertheless,we had a very busy day.

First off we went to the local restaurant for breakfast with friends. I had bought some little turkeys at the auction, and I wanted to share a few with the restaurant folks. They fit on a little stick and go in the flower arrangements on each table. They gobble occasionally. There was no way to control their gobble either. They just gobble whenever. We have yet to figure out how.No batteries needed. I broke one open and only found a few little wires and such.There was a paper pull tab that had to be removed in order for them to gobble, but then they were on their own. They are so cute. I bought 48 of them with the plan to use them in my little Fall centerpieces I am making. I can't wait to get to that.

We got the kids at 10:00. First off the bat,Leah wanted to make a cake for when the coffee drinkers dropped by. She loves to have get togethers. She is old enough to make the coffee now, and sometimes they tip her.I found out today, that is part of the reason she wants to wait on them.We called the good friends with whom we had just eaten breakfast, and told them we would be having a little gathering at 4:00.They come by for coffee now and then anyway, but Leah like to call folks and announce "our party".She had her Aunt Rhonda thinking we really were having a party, and she was getting upset that she had not been invited. Once that was cleared up and the cake was baked, she had to put sprinkles on it. She sprinkles everything possible when we cook.We have all the special colored sprinkles for every holiday.I figure if that helps her take interest in cooking, I'm for it.Oh yes, and we cooked spaghetti. That's her favorite food when visiting us.She could care less if anything else is cooked,but she does prefer Prego Spaghetti sauce.She did try chocolate pudding today, but decided it wasn't her favorite food.I didn't have instant on hand today, and I think that's what she's use to..

Leah and I cleaned Pop's "pouting room" getting it ready for company. It is never presentable when company drops in, and I am so embarrassed for him, although he could care less. He offered to have the company in the house today,AFTER we cleaned his garage,when he never wants company to come in the house. It's always,Bring coffee to the garage,so, today, it's coffee in the clean garage. (He likes being amongst his "stuff",but I'd like company to come into the house, once in a while, so we can sit amongst my pretty "stuff".)

Five year old John did his usual things while Leah and I were about our girlish duties.He watches SpongeBob, plays his games on the computer, eats an occasional bowl of cereal, runs circles around the farm,plays on the rock pile, then on the dirt pile,plays with the cats.I think he's outgrown his nap. It was never mentioned today.And when the cake was done, he sneaked in the kitchen and ate the entire heart out of one layer.It was a good thing we baked two layers. Company would have had coffee with strawberries, but no cake.

We spent some time today,with Ellie Mae, the pet chicken. We have been trying to get her use to the other chickens, so we can put her in the pen with them. We don't want them pecking her to death after raising her like we have.She is such a pet. She'll follow me forever hoping I'll break over and give her a pouch of her favorite kitten food, and I usually do.Our pets are all so spoiled. It's a good thing we only have a few.The new Beagle,Fred,wasn't working out, so Pop gave him to a good friend who is much younger.Hopefully Fred will get to do some rabbit hunting after all.The wood cutting has worn Pop down a bit this year,and he felt he couldn't handle all the walking involved when hunting rabbits.We know our friend will give Fred a good home.

Pop's fell asleep in front of the TV, and I am beat, so it's off to beddy bye for me. I hope all had an equally enjoyable and relaxing Sunday.Good Night All!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Friend Is Home.

My friend called me this morning. She was about 50 miles from her destination, at that time. She should be home by now. Her faith has gotten her home safely. I wouldn't dare make that trip alone, much less under the conditions she had to endure. She is an amazing lady. I wish her well in getting settled there once more. She had lived there for eight years before, so possibly she has some friends and connections with the right folks who can help her to get things set up once again. It has to be hard being a widow, having to make so many decisions alone.She is very confident her faith will carry her through,and I am convinced it will,indeed.

Friday, November 5, 2010

The Home Stretch!

My new friend, the one tough lady I've been blogging about, is in Arizona now.She called Thursday night to check in with us. Hopefully she will make it home this weekend. She says she is getting really tired and weary. I can only imagine. At 73 years of age, pulling an older,overloaded truck and trailer for 2200 miles through that rugged country,fromCentral Kentucky to Southern California.She needs an award of some kind. She is amazing for tackling that trip to begin with. She did say the roads were much better than she remembered, but the hills were worse than she remembered. I don't doubt the load she was hauling this trip,would make it seem a lot worse.Hopefully, she will find a place to live in the next few days. I feel she will keep in touch, so I'll post any news as I hear it. May God watch over her and keep her safe, as her faith is strong and it has supported her thus far.

In Response to Terry's post

Sad,Terry, but true.It happens a lot, at the auctions we attend on a regular basis. Many times, the folks who rent those storage units,lose their "stuff" for whatever reason, and whoever ends up with their "stuff" does not treasure it as the owner once did.Death of the owner is the cause, in some cases, but occasionally, it might be for non payment of the monthly rent.After so long, and the rent is not paid on the unit, the owner takes possession of the "stuff" in the unit to do with as he wishes.He has buyers come in and bid on the "stuff", and whoever gets it,they resell it at auctions,yard sales, or consignment shops,for a profit. Nevertheless, the "stuff" goes cheap. I helped the little lady I speak of in my posts, this past week or so, and she had a lot of really expensive "stuff" that went for a song.But there you go again, she HAD to move her "stuff" in a hurry ,so therefore had to take a loss on a lot of things.It was really hard to watch it sell so cheap. She had to leave the room on occasion,just because it was so hard for her to watch it sell that cheap.As I am learning from my Mom and many others I know,it is a good idea to begin narrowing down your inventory as you get older. Or this will be your plight. Lots of your "stuff" will be clumped together in boxes, and sold for 50 cents a box,if you're lucky. In the little ladies case, they put up 2 or 3 boxes toward the end for a mere fifty cents. Now that was sad, but she had so much, and most folks must watch what they spend these days,with the economy being as it is.And then, too, everyone has "So Much Stuff"at home already.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

We Visited Mattie and Josie

The black goat,Josie, and the one in the front with the brown head,Mattie, are the two we sold.Josie was never really lovey dovey, like Mattie, and she was a bit of a rouge. She was constantly getting out of the pen.

The grandchildren were a wee bit saddened when I told them that I had sold Mattie and Josie,so we promised them a visit to their present home. When they got there and saw they had 25 to 30 other goats to play with,and many acres to play on and graze, they felt much better.The goats remembered us and come right up to us once again. If only we had remembered to bring crackers.Maybe next time. There were many goats,of all sizes there.Even several new babies.When I told the children that we might have new babies around March, they were satisfied.The owner of all the goats had loaned us his male to breed Katlyn once more. The grandchildren are getting older now, and don't spend as much time with the animals as they once did, and since we don't really have the acreage or the fencing,we felt it was best to let them go. And the price of goats is really good right now.I guess the children are O K with it for now,since they have the two cats, the pet chicken, and a new beagle hound to occupy their time.