Saturday, March 30, 2013

My First Attempt at Making a Purse

I was feeling kinda restless tonight,and couldn't make myself sit still long enough to watch a Western movie with Pop,so I went down to my sewing room with the intentions of starting another little quilt.That didn't seem to interest me either. Then I stumbled across a piece of fabric that cried out Purse to me.  I decided to give it a try. It's not totally finished yet,and I will continue to tweak it a bit more, but I am pleased with it,up to this point. I made a lining for it to match the trim and I will attempt to make a bow a sorts for the face.Bows are really in, right now on purses. At least, that my plan at this moment.

 I don't have a clue as to what made me think of making a Purse.Possibly the fact that I bought one today for $20.00.It appears to be a factory made purse, but the quilted look and the colors caught my eye, so I decided to treat myself to it.Something I don't do that often is buy anything new.

I'm not real pleased with the new purse's wide opening. I hope to come up with a plan to fix that on my home made purse, and if it works out, I'll try it on my store bought purse. I have a plan.Now to see if it works.I think I could really get into making these purses.That would be another great way to use up some of my small fabric pieces.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Family Tradition

Mom tried to make quilts for the new babies in the family,so I may have to follow in her footsteps and continue the tradition. Mom had a new Great Granddaughter,Brooklyn Paige, born just a few days before she passed away, but she did get to hold her for a few minutes,a day or two before she died.I am pretty sure she would have tried to make her a quilt, although her eyesight was just about gone.She would have managed some how to get the job done.

If she is looking down from her new home, I am sure she would be so proud that I took the time to make a quilt for Brooklyn. I decided to make one for Brayden,too. Brayden is one of Mom's Great Grandchildren who spent a great deal of time with Mom since he was born and he was by her side  every single day, when she was dying. He is four. He would crawl up in the bed and snuggle up close to Mom. She loved that child as if he were her own. He could bring a smile to her face any time he entered the room, even though she did not have strength for anything else.He was such a blessing to Mom during her last few months of life.I know she would have wanted him to have a quilt,too.

Mom is at Peace....

We took Mom to her final resting place,by Dad's side, on March 15, 2013. She passed away on the 12th which was my Grandfather's birthday. Hopefully, before long, I will be able to get back in the normal swing of things, although right now it seems things may never be back to normal again.Mom was a big part of my life, and it will be awhile before I get over missing her.There was hardly a day go by, during the last twelve years, that I did not call or visit her. My sister, Rita, and I were by her side the last two months of her life.Watching her slowly drift away was the hardest thing I have ever done in my lifetime. I was in and out while helping with Dad,during his last few weeks, but I was still working back then, and could not be there as much as I would have liked, but with Mom, I am now retired, so I was able to stay with her, around the clock, when it was necessary.With only two of us sisters working with Mom, it got very rough at times, but when you love someone as we did our Mother, the rest of your life can wait.Thank God we have understanding husbands and children. They understood that we had to do what we were doing, and they supported us in every way they could.