Saturday, May 3, 2014

Moving Fabric and Blankets Along in Small Quilts

A good friend of mine and I have a lot in common. He nor I can stand to see anything wasted that has any life left at all. This last week he brought me a few blankets that were headed for disposal, knowing I could do something with them. I laundered them and made shop cloths from one. I am using one as a cover for my baby chicks on these cool nights. Another one, I have cut into four quarters, and have matched each piece up with enough fabric for a small lap type quilt or baby quilt. Heaven knows, I need to move some fabric. These little projects will come in handy on those days when it is too wet or too hot to work out doors this summer.  There is always a need for a baby blanket, whether it be a new baby in the family or community, or an auction, for raising money for some worthy case.

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