Wednesday, June 4, 2014

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When it gives you rocks, paint'em!

I have become obsessed with rock painting lately. It is a very peaceful and calming project.

 It has proven to be a Godsend to me, since I have learned that I have a mass in my stomach that requires surgery. I am petrified of having any kind of surgery at all, whether it be for myself or my family. The staph that is running rampant in the hospitals these days is unreal. If you live through the surgery, you could be laid up for weeks and in some cases, months with the staph. If you are lucky and don't die from one or the other. Then there is the worry about blood clots. That is a common problems nowadays, too. You hear of more people dying from blood clots after surgery, than ever before, and folks wonder why I am scared of having surgery???

I have so many friends and family on Face book who are praying for me, there is no way things could go wrong. I just have to resign myself to the fact that all will go well, and it will be over and done quickly, and I will be back to my regular routine. I just need to have faith.

I am gathering up lots of small rocks to keep me busy while I am recuperating. No lifting, tugging, bending, stooping. I guess I'll be lucky if I can even paint. We'll just have to play it by ear. I am scheduled to meet with the surgeon on May 29,2014. He will tell me more about the procedure he will be using, and answer any questions I might have at that time. I hope he has the time. I have many questions.

 I will be using Dr. Marshall Johnson. Hershell had him for his colonoscopy and he trusts him.  Carmen knows him well from working closely with him at the hospital. From all of the comments I am receiving on Face book, I think I have made a good choice. So many of my friends have used him and had great results. Now the waiting game begins.

P.S. I visited with Dr. Johnson and he wants to do an endoscopy on 6/4/14. Will update as I know more. Please keep me in your prayers as this is not over yet. Thanks, all!

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