Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Last Hurrah!

The weather is slowly but surely getting colder. The sweet pepper plants are still holding on, but I fear, they will not survive the cold temps for too many more nights.I may try to cover them, but even that will not protect them for long.

I planted two sweet pepper plants in one of my new raised beds this gardening season, and I have had an abundance of sweet peppers. I have shared my peppers with a few family members and neighbors since they were so plentiful. I also received many colorful sweet peppers from a good friend, since I only had the green. They were so nice, I have decided that next year, I will be planting a few other types of sweet peppers, other than my usual green sweet peppers. With my own peppers and those obtained from my friend,I was able to freeze approximately 2 gallon of sliced and diced green peppers.

This summer, along with my older step daughter, Rhonda, my sister,Rita, my niece, Cindy, and my niece's son, Braydon,I had an opportunity to visit one of the new Chipotle restaurants in Louisville, Kentucky. The meal was so nice, I have decided to freeze as many peppers as possible, in the future, just to use when I attempt to assemble a similar dish at my home. After the visit to Chipotle's, I had my sister and her daughter over for an experimental meal, Chipotle style. It turned out wonderful, thus I will be using up a lot of sweet peppers in the future. Pop doesn't eat sweet peppers, so I have never grown an abundance of them, before now. I am sure he will not be interested in trying our new dish,so I will plan to serve the new dish only when I have family dropping by. 

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  1. I always freeze any peppers I have -- I'm usually canned out by the time they are done for the year. :)