Thursday, October 31, 2013

Wild Turkey (but not bottled kind)

We do have a Wild Turkey Bourbon Distillery here in Kentucky, but that is not the wild turkey I'm speaking of today. I'm referring to the real thing.  A two legged wild turkey. Pop and I nave never cared to kill and eat the wild turkey that raise here in Kentucky. We do eat poultry, but just never thought we cared enough for the wild turkey, to hunt and kill one. We do enjoy watching them raise their young and roam the clover fields and hill sides of our little farm, but that is the extent of our interactions with the turkey.

However.........A good friend dropped by yesterday with a turkey he had just killed. He was determined to share it with us. I agreed to accept a half breast, so he proceeded to clean the turkey on the tail gate of his truck. I thought surely we could use the half breast. That alone was quite a chunk of meat,but before the evening had ended, he had persuaded me to take both leg quarters and the entire breast. What's a person to say when some one gives you a fully cleaned turkey, but Thank You.

I cleaned and soaked the fresh turkey meat for a few hours in salt water while we attended a Halloween function at the auction, then I proceeded to freeze the breast and cook the rest in the crock pot. Now comes the problem of deciding what to do with the cooked turkey meat. I have no problem finding ways that I will eat it. I have Cajun blood, you know, but now Pop is a different story. I'll have to be very creative to get him to eat it,so I'll be thinking of various ways to slip it into his meals in the near future.Wish me luck.


  1. If Pop won't eat it -- send it on over here! :)

  2. I was squirrel hunting this weekend and was close enough to a flock of wild turkeys to shoot one in the head with a .22! I didn't see a squirrel that day either. I didn't know I could have legally shot the turkey. I'm not a very good hunter obviously.

  3. My neighbor gave us a wild turkey breast.. She had soaked it in salt water and gave it to me in a plastic bag with Italian Dressing covering the breast.. She told me how to cook it and OH MY GOODNESS~! It was delicious.. Wild turkey tastes so much better than the turkey you buy at the store..
    Your kind man can bring me some wild turkey I would love to have some again.
    Have a Tiggeriffic day~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)

  4. awesome bird Sue. I would eat it for sure!