Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My Quilting Experience

I had a follower to ask me today if I make quilts. My usual response to that question is...." I am not a quilter, per se, but I do make quilts." Here are a few of the little quilts I have made over the years.

I enjoy using fabric in many different ways,but making fancy quilts is not my forte'. I do make quilts and I love making them, but I make them when I get ready. Not on demand.

Making things on demand, for me, seems to take all of the fun out of it. If I choose to make a quilt for an individual, I want to do it because I want to. 

Not because someone else wants me to. That may sound a bit selfish, but putting a deadline on something, kills the pleasure in it for me. 

I feel crowded and rushed. I am a sporadic quilter and crafter. I like to work at my own pace.

 I have made larger quilts for my beds,but for now, these are the only ones I have stored in pictures on my external hard drive.
Many people who make the fancy quilts tend to spend lots of money on matching fabrics.

I am an avid believer in recycling. I do not like to buy new fabric for my crafts and quilts.

Nor do I  like destroying a good garment just to use the fabric. I use a lot of outgrown garments of my own and of others who have learned over the years that I collect fabric.

I use fabric in many ways other than in quilts. I love color. I use a lot of color in my various crafts. Color seems to boost my spirit on days when I need it most. 
This is a quilt I made in Mom's memory shortly after her death on March 12, 2013. Mom loved bright colors and purple was one of her very favorites.

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