Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Craft Room.... At Last!

Two of the Amish brothers came yesterday, quite unexpectedly, and built the 2 walls, needed for my craft room. We knew they were coming, but we didn't know quite what day. We left it up to them, since they have to make a living doing what they do, whenever they need it done. We understand that, so we are glad to get their help whenever they can get here.They completed the 2 walls and installed the door. We haven't decided on a ceiling quite yet. That may come later.But for now, I used whatever left over paint I could find, for primer. We used chip board. I had used that before for a wall and really liked it, so I decided to go with it again. I think the cost is about the same as any other wall covering.My final coat of paint will match the entire house for now. Sandelwood Mist. I may make some changes later.I have moved some of my shelves into the room already. I need the space to built some more canning jar shelves. I may work on that tomorrow.Pop ask me today if I would be interested in joining the carpenters union. I could get in a few more good years of work.(I declined. I don't think so.I have worked since I was 12 or so, and I deserve my retirement years, just the way they are.)I did have to do a little compromising on my craft room though.Pop wants me to use it as an extra bedroom,so I guess I'll have a bedroom suit in my craft room. If only I could persuade him to get one of those beds that fold up into the wall. That would be great.Oh well, I guess you can't have everything you way all the time. I'll be content with my craftroom/bedroom.He has promised to get me a new bedroom suit for the grandchildren's bedroom. I'll move my older cherry set down in the craft room.I bought it 30 years ago at an auction for $25 and had it refinished, so it is still nice enough. It was one of the few pieces that survived the fire.I will share more of my room as I get further along with it. I am so proud of it. I can't wait to start rearranging things and decorating it.It's shaping up nicely. Watch for further updates. Until then, Happy Blogging. (P.S. Vicki, we still have lots of snow and ice.)

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  1. I know your glad that your craft is coming together, it is looking good, you are going to have a good place to work, and with you putting the bedroon suit in there and when you get tired you can lay down and take a rest, it will be a quiet place to be. Thanks for you comment, I am fighting with some chest cold so that is makeing me feel tied to,all the kids had colds and one had the flu so just I couldn't get away from it. HAPPY CRAFTING!