Sunday, February 28, 2010

Helping My Sister from "Nails in My Pocket"

My oldest sister came by with her grandson, one day this week. My grand son was here and we like to get them together on occasion. They both need to spend time with other children to learn sharing skills and such.They had a pretty good day. We both enjoyed watching them play and learn together, even though they were not aware that that was one of the purposes for the visit.Another was working on Mary's rocker cushions, and also, showing her my new room and basement I'm fixing up a little.We had a wonderful visit. We don't get to do that much. Even though we are both retired now, we both stay so busy, visiting just gets 'pushed on the back burner'.We both help our kids with the grandchildren, as do most grandparents nowadays.Then we help with Mom whenever needed.Then there's our own work of keeping a home running smoothly.We both do most of our own fixing up to the homes.That,along with regular women's work,sure keeps one hoppin'.We both love to work with wood,though, so it really doesn't seem like work.(But, I am not tackling a barn, like my sister,Mary is.I'll stick to smaller woodwork jobs.)Mom and three of us girls will get together tomorrow. We'll be visiting the funeral home,(a good friend of our family passed away Saturday) but since we get together so little, we will probably make an outing of it, too. Usually, we get to visit with several other family and friends while we are there. That's so sad, but that's usually the only way we get to see family and friends anymore.Not a whole lot happening here, but wanted to check in anyway. So until my next post, "Happy Blogging."
P.S. The lamp shade is not right size for my new lamp. I got the pretty lamp at the auction for $3. I'll pick up a nice new shade for it,in town tomorrow.


  1. Everything sure looks nice! I know you're proud of how everything is coming together. Glad to hear you girls has a nice visit. I didn't get an email about the funeral. Do I know them? Maybe not. Looks like you're having fun working on another sewing project again. Hope the boys had a nice visit. Until later...V

  2. Yes,you were small, but I met the 2 boys there,at the funeral home, for the first time. They remembered the twins,moreso, I guess, because they were all working together in the crops. The daughter, I met through my job.We both worked with the same organization.Hardin County School Food Service. I never knew them when we were kids.