Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I think I'm improving...

I didn't think I would ever get anything posted tonight. I have added a new security guard program to my computer, and I'm not sure if it is that, or the fact that so many folks are blogging at once. I just couldn't get my picture to upload. I finished my latest little quilt last night, but had a few errands to run today, so I'm just getting back to my computer.My husband commented to his daughter this morning about me being on the computer so much lately, so I told him that I would run around today, and see which one was cheaper. Working with my computer, or running around the country burning gas and then there's the wear and tear on my truck and tires. No doubt, he couldn't argue on that note, but he'd never say he was sorry for the comment he had made.Nonetheless,I am so proud of my latest project. I can't wait to start another. I tried to go to sleep last night, and I couldn't for thinking about my next one. I went down stairs, at midnight, and dug through my quilting materials, looking for a few ideas. I haven't come up with one yet, but hopefully, tomorrow.Till my next post, Happy Blogging.


  1. Hey Sue, I think you have got the quilt bug! Your little quilt is very cute and looks like you have done a good job, just hang in there and you will make a big quilt. Jess has took up the conputer now so he is on it at night time and my machine is by the computer and I can't sew, so when he is on I do my hand applique or look at my quilt books, I do have a lot of them. But we are in here together. I would say it would be a lot cheaper being in your craft room or on the computer instead of being on the roads. Anyway have a good week and HAPPY QUILTING!

  2. Hi Suzie,
    Your quilt is beautiful and being done the way quilting is supposed to be done, made from scraps. I took a class with a girl once who missed the whole point of quilting...using what you have to make something beautiful and useful!! You have achieved both!! Too many women when they think quilt, think go to the store and buy, buy, buy...but that's not really how a (dare I say it?) a true quilter does it!!
    It's saving all those bits of fabric and enjoying the challenge of making them into something as precious as yours!! Yours is absolutely adorable...I can see a wee little one bundled up in it on a cold day like today. I'm so proud of you!!
    I'd say that you have the bug also. When you can't sleep because your quilting, thinking about quilting, cutting pieces for a quilt, matching pieces for a quilt, etc then you're like dad said about me once..."she'd rather quilt than eat!" High praise indeed!!

    Hope your having a Happy Birthday!!

    and keep on quilting....until later...V