Sunday, January 1, 2012

One Step Closer

Remember the old flip flop that I couldn't bear to discard. I felt that one day,I would find something to use it for. Well, today is that day.While shopping at one of my usual consignment and discount stores during the last few weeks, I found this set of rubber letters. Just the right price,50 cents,and just the right size to fit on my little flip flop pieces, and I just happened to have a tube of crazy glue handy.

Pop's oldest daughter,Rhonda, and her husband,Marc, had stopped by for a few minutes,to get a truck load of kindling for their newly installed wood stove. They had cut and hauled home a truck load of wild cherry a few days ago, and it doesn't burn good by itself, so they had come back for a load of something to burn along with it. While they were visiting, I needed some busy work.Something to do with my hands, while we were all sitting and chatting around the kitchen table.They had an engagement over at Marc's Mother's home later today,to eat the traditional New Year's Meal of cabbage and black eyed peas, so we did not prepare a meal here. While we all sat around the table sharing stories, I proceeded to glue the little rubber letters to the flip flop pieces. Now I have a nice set of block letters when I need them for my stenciling.I am so proud of them. I only hope they work as good as I am hoping they will. I will do some experimenting soon and post some of my handiwork later.


  1. Sue, you are so clever! Don't know if I would have saved a flip flop!
    We still haven't purchased a wood stove but it's on the list!

  2. I love the letter blocks. That is very creative thinking.

  3. My reason for using the flip flop blocks is because I had planned to carve my own letters in the rubber, but as luck would have it, I found the set of little rubber block letters that fit my little rubber blocks just perfect,saving me all the work of TRYING to carve my own.

  4. You are just too darn creative, Sue. This is great!