Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Family Tradition

Mom tried to make quilts for the new babies in the family,so I may have to follow in her footsteps and continue the tradition. Mom had a new Great Granddaughter,Brooklyn Paige, born just a few days before she passed away, but she did get to hold her for a few minutes,a day or two before she died.I am pretty sure she would have tried to make her a quilt, although her eyesight was just about gone.She would have managed some how to get the job done.

If she is looking down from her new home, I am sure she would be so proud that I took the time to make a quilt for Brooklyn. I decided to make one for Brayden,too. Brayden is one of Mom's Great Grandchildren who spent a great deal of time with Mom since he was born and he was by her side  every single day, when she was dying. He is four. He would crawl up in the bed and snuggle up close to Mom. She loved that child as if he were her own. He could bring a smile to her face any time he entered the room, even though she did not have strength for anything else.He was such a blessing to Mom during her last few months of life.I know she would have wanted him to have a quilt,too.

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  1. Oh Sue, that is so sweet.
    I hope your life can get back to normal soon.