Saturday, March 30, 2013

My First Attempt at Making a Purse

I was feeling kinda restless tonight,and couldn't make myself sit still long enough to watch a Western movie with Pop,so I went down to my sewing room with the intentions of starting another little quilt.That didn't seem to interest me either. Then I stumbled across a piece of fabric that cried out Purse to me.  I decided to give it a try. It's not totally finished yet,and I will continue to tweak it a bit more, but I am pleased with it,up to this point. I made a lining for it to match the trim and I will attempt to make a bow a sorts for the face.Bows are really in, right now on purses. At least, that my plan at this moment.

 I don't have a clue as to what made me think of making a Purse.Possibly the fact that I bought one today for $20.00.It appears to be a factory made purse, but the quilted look and the colors caught my eye, so I decided to treat myself to it.Something I don't do that often is buy anything new.

I'm not real pleased with the new purse's wide opening. I hope to come up with a plan to fix that on my home made purse, and if it works out, I'll try it on my store bought purse. I have a plan.Now to see if it works.I think I could really get into making these purses.That would be another great way to use up some of my small fabric pieces.

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