Sunday, November 15, 2015

Wrapped in Memories

Each night when go to bed, I wrap myself in memories. Memories of my Mother who has been gone from this life since March 12, 2013. Mom made many quilts in her life time. Not the fancy, beautiful quilts that win prizes in the county fairs, but quilts that she made from our outgrown clothing, and lined with worn blankets, or something similar, just to make them nice and warm and snugly. I remember many quilts that she made over our lifetime. Some made from fabric that was so heavy, it was hard to roll over in the bed at night, back when we were very small. The older houses that we lived in, had no heat other than the wood stove in the living room, or maybe the heat from the cooking stove. A warm quilt was such a treasure back then. One that was made well enough to hold in body heat.
As Mom lay dying, those last three months of her life, my sister and I spent all of those final days with her. At night, we snuggled up in the warm quilts, on cots, close by her bedside. I have acquired a few of her old quilts, over the years, and they bring much comfort to me, today.
I remember when I was first out of high school. I had taken a night shift job. That meant I must try to sleep during the day, while the rest of the family scurried around in the house. It was hard to get use to, but Mom allowed me to sleep in hers and dad's bed away from the noise of the younger children, as they played. I remember their bed being so warm and snugly. I guess it takes a little more living to learn how to make a bed feel that way. I think I have learned it by now, but Mom's quilts are a big part of my warm and snugly beds, even today.

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