Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Chocolate Covered Cherries

This is not a new story to some, but since I ran across a box of chocolate covered cherries in the pantry this morning, I'll share it again. When I was in grade school........it was about fifth grade....the best I remember.....many of the kids were giving and receiving these boxes of cherries at Christmastime when we exchanged gifts. At that time, I think they cost approximately 50 cents a box. Today they are closer to $3.a box. I'm guessing since I never buy them for myself. My family was so poor, we were lucky to get a gift for the person whose name we had drawn. I remember getting a blouse for my gift. It was a nice blouse, and I remember it well. I only hope the person who had my name and gave me the blouse that year is not reading this, although it is very likely they are, since many of my fifth grade friends from grade school are following my posts. I cherished the blouse, but to a child, clothing, no matter how badly it's needed, is not the most appreciated gift. Nevertheless, I longed for a box of those cherries, just one time, but that never happened. When Hershell and I married, I shared that story with him, and every year for the last 37 years, he has gotten me a box of chocolate covered cherries for Christmas, and sometimes on even Valentine's Day. Now that is true love. He is definitely a keeper.

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