Thursday, January 28, 2016

My Jar and Box Top Collages.

I am so happy with my progress on my latest project. I may not have all of the fancy store bought supplies that many are using today, but I get so much pleasure from making pretty things from all of my reclaimed collectibles. I am not real sure what I'll call them, but for now, I will call them my jar and box top collages. I love making my little tags and I love making embellishments for my pin cushions, but the two projects seemed to have collided and evolved into a totally different product. I am getting so much pleasure from assembling these adorable little arrangements, I may be making more of my little keepsake jars and boxes soon. I picked up a cute little keepsake box at a consignment store this past week, simply to be used as a pattern. It is so cute and looks very similar to some of my own creations.

While looking over a few DIY crafts this morning, I have decided that there are so many ways to use these little collages.  I use a lot of jars for various purposes since a dear friend of mine saves them for me, so I will definitely be moving a few of them along as gifts in the near future. Many are not usable for canning or freezing, but I do not have the heart to tell him to stop saving them for me. He is such a sweetheart for thinking of me. I watch a lot of the TV programs that involve cut outs and dies and such. I am fascinated with many of their ideas, but too cheap to order their products, so I use what I have on hand and make my own. I think my creations look as good as any they have made, and they are definitely less expensive. I had been crocheting a lot of dish washing cloths since I came into an abundance of yarn lately, but now it's time to "Move over yarn". You definitely have a new competitor when it come to finding things to keep me busy during these long winter days. No complaint of getting house burned here. I have too many exciting things to keep myself occupied.

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