Friday, February 5, 2016

My Favorite Craft for the Winter of 2015

I have lots of time on my hands and loads of ribbons, lace, card stock,paints,etc. As a matter of fact, I have most any kind of crafting supplies known to man, so I have been crocheting lots of dish washing cloths, and I do mean lots. Most folks use cotton only, but I have so much acrylic yarn accumulated, I tried using it and it works fine for my dish washing. That's my opinion anyway. Nevertheless, I give many of them as "spur of the moment gifts", and I usually don't have a store bought sentiment card handy, so I make my own card to attach to the dish washing cloth. I have enjoyed making the cute little topper cards as much, if not more, than the dish washing cloths themselves. I can mix and match and create till the cows come home. I think this is my favorite craft for the year. Every year, it seems, I find something new to busy myself during the winter months. The only problem is......time goes so much faster when I am creating the little cards. At my age, that is not a good thing. 😥

dish washing cloths with cards
P.S.   My ultimate plan for the little cards is to use them as refrigerator magnets. That is my goal anyway. Only time will tell if that plan comes to fruition.I will give an update on that in a future post.


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