Wednesday, December 23, 2009

And they said it wouldn't last....

I can't believe I am putting these pictures on my blog, but like they say,

After you reach a certain age, it doesn't seem to matter as much as it once did.

We are all going to get older. The only other alternative we have is to die
young, and I'd rather not go just yet. There is still a lot more I would like to
do in this life.These are not the best pictures in the world, but they are the

only ones I have of these particular days.December 23, 1978 and December

23, 2009.Several years and several pounds ago.Thirty one years, to be

exact, but let's not talk about how many pounds ago.We are both retired now
and living a simple, but comfortable life. We both spend our days, doing

pretty much what we want to. He is a very social person, and spends most
of his days visiting all the neighbors and the restaurants, catching up on all

the news, and chatting with all the local folks. He is an avid story teller,
as everyone in our life will agree. I've always said he was like E.F.Hutton.When he talks,

everyone listens.(I think E.F. Hutton was a highly advertised stock broker on TV, back in the
day.)As for myself, I spend a great deal of my time doing crafts. There are so many things I

want to try and do in that area. My home is filled with projects I have collected over the years
with the anticipation of getting to them all. I am beginning to think it is hopeless to even think I

might accomplish that task. I want to try my hand at everything.If I attempt it and feel it is not
satisfying to me, I will put it aside in hopes that it will interest me more at a later date, and most

usually, it will. Maybe several years later though.There are a few other things that I still must do, even
though I am retired, so my time is never really completely my own, but I manage to squeeze in

quite a few things that I do enjoy on a regular basis.Most of which do not mean a hill of beans to
anyone else, but to me, they give me peace and contentment. What more can one ask for.
The Big Day is almost here,and I only hope the family gets a fraction of the pleasure out of the
day as my sister,Vicki and I have, in collecting, crafting, and wrapping everything to make their

Christmas enjoyable. I have been really sick with a sinus infection, and had to call Vicki in for
support through it all.She has been a GodSend. Thank you, Vicki.
P.S. I found this verse yesterday and at the risk of sounding like I'm tooting my own horn, I wanted to post it. I thought it was a really nice verse.
I'll go ahead and hit publish. I worked on this piece forever yesterday and still couldn't get it just right, so hope it's not too much of a mess when I post it today.

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  1. Hi sue, Happy anniversary! Time goes by so fast. being retire now you can do what you want to do so enjoy your crafts, if you get them done that is good, but if you don't finish you crafts that ok too, because you doing what you like. I always say if I get it done I'm very please if I don't get it done no one will never know in years from now. I just enjoy doing what I like.