Friday, December 11, 2009

Just A Splash Of Christmas!

Yes, I am having blogger withdrawal. There has been so much going on around my house, I simply did not have the time nor energy to post a blog. Wow! I never thought that would ever happen, but I enjoy this little project I've started this winter as much as I do blogging.It's the little pouches I've been making. My sister,Vicki, is in from her home in North Carolina, and she is the quilter in our family, so maybe I can pick her brains while she's here. I hope to spend a little time with her and have her tweak my pattern and techniques. I have been making the pouches in all sizes and colors, and matching up coordinating fabric for the linings.I can use a little guidance on the different types of closures for them, also. Between the two of us I hope we can perfect it to where I can hopefully sell a few at the local flea markets and yard sales.I have been more excited about this project, than I have over any of the other projects I've done in awhile.Today, I tried to work on a little more decorating. I have plenty of decorations up already, but Christmas is my favorite time of the year, and I like to stretch it out for at least 4 to 6 weeks. Pop is not wild about having everything decorated up, but he tolerates it. He can be a 'scrooge' at times. I think he worries about the expense more than anything else. He has every reason to worry about that though. Everyone has so much 'stuff'. You cannot buy anything for folks that they don't already have, but if you don't buy something for everyone, there is always someone who gets upset. Most folks don't like gift certificates. They say they are too impersonal.It's hard to know what to do when it comes to pleasing everyone and not breaking the bank in the process. It is very easy to see why Pop hates to see the Christmas season come. I usually do 90% of the shopping and all the wrapping. That helps to keep him from getting so tore up over it all. He loves seeing the kids open presents around the tree. It brings back memories of when his 2 girls were babies and everything was so simple and uncomplicated.Progress, age, and the state of the economy changes a lot of things.
The picture I've posted is a few of the little splashes of Christmas I've been working on today. I have spoken before of having so many little bits and pieces left after all the Christmas doings are done. These are a few bits and pieces I've hot glued together and I place them around the house where ever I think it needs a Little Extra Splash of Christmas. I try to put in bits of red, green, gold, and silver. Usually things that are bright and sparkling. I love to make these about as much as any part of Christmas. Making something pretty from things lots of folks would throw away. That is so sad, but it seems that is the American way. Toss it and buy more. Usually on credit.
Sorry! That's not a very happy thought to end my blog with, but I will close for tonight and get back to my pouches, and gift wrapping.
Merry Christmas To All and to All a Good Night!


  1. Hi Sue, are you out of town? just kidding ,haven't hear from you on here.

  2. Some of the family is in from North Carolina and Georgia. We have been doing a lot of visiting. Even the daily routine of things get pushed aside when they are in, we see them so little.I forgot to fasten up the chickens last night, and something went in the pen and scared them all out in the black of night.I just knew they would all be dead by this morning, but thankfully,when daybreak came, they were all accounted for.

  3. Glad your chicken were all safe. Have fun with your family, it is good to be together.

  4. Hi Sue, I was glad you call last night and came over, I was glad to meet your sister she was really nice. I enjoy showing you all what I have beem working on in my sewing room. Sorry about My Will, he was rowdy ,it was getting his bed time and he was trying everything to kept going, he when to bed at 9 oclock and got up at 6:30 this morning. I hope you will have a very merry Christmas with your family and for them to have a safe trip home.