Friday, December 4, 2009

Having Fun With My Little Pouches!

Who would have thought that a grown woman could have so much fun. I have hit on something that I dearly love to do. I love material. I love hand stitching. I love mixing and matching fabrics. I really don't know how or why I have fallen in love with these little pouches, but I have. I like to make things that are usable for one thing.Then when you toss in all the other aspects I just mentioned, I guess that was the clincher. Making something useful and pretty from something I already had. No expense involved. I have found many uses for the pouches myself, so I would imagine they would be handy for most women. We are having a Redneck Christmas Party again this year, and one of my sisters said for me to have some ready for that. Things are slowing down around the farm, so I do have a little more time to work on my crafts. I have the chickens, dogs, and goats to check on daily, but that doesn't take too long, if I don't let the goats out to graze. I try to let them roam on the property to get fresh grass as long as there is fresh grass. Then they must be content with hay and corn.Pop has been helping the neighbors with their tobacco stripping lately, and he brings home the stalks. I go out and scatter them over our new yard for fertilize.They are great for that.Other than that, and keeping coffee for the coffee drinkers, the only other duties I have are making a pot of soup, or chili, or some type of meal for the day.Since there are just the two of us, so we don't cook big meals.We have a coffee drinking neighbor who brings supper in on occasion. He is a bachelor who loves to cook.He will bring us some of whatever he has cooked up on occasion, and we will share our meals with him on occasion. I sent him home with a container of vegetable beef soup last night.He had brought chili and zucchini bread a night or two ago.It's great to live in a small community such as ours. There is so many bad things happening in the world nowadays, we are truly blessed.But back to my pouches. I was saying, I don't have that much to do, most days, so I have been working on the pouches non stop. I hate being interrupted for anything, I enjoy them so much. I had a doctor's appointment yesterday. It really threw a chock in my wheel. But,hopefully, I'll get back to them today(except for a hair appointment).


  1. Thank I can click on them and take a real close look. Yes, I do agree...something pretty to look at and useful too!! I don't have the fabric I used to but I feel sure I can find a piece in my sewing stuff that I can use for the knitting needles and crochet needles. I wanted to make a case for Becky's knitting needles, she prefers the large ones, so I will need to make the 'pockets' large enough to hold them. She has one set of circular knitting needles that will need a pocket too. I just love our being able to share our stuff and ideas here, don't you! Hope you're having a good morning. I'm off to fix myself a cup of tea and work on a few more gifts. Until later...V

  2. sue, your pouches are cute , and would be fun to make, you can do alot with these. Have you every made the rag purses, you could do these and the pouches to match.I have a big folder made with fabric and it got different compartment for my quilt supply, it is handy and it it alway in a place for when you need them. I had made a big hand bag and some other little pouches to go with the hand bag to carry what I would need when Jesse was in the hospital, it was a big bag and did a good job carry my stuff. You know I hear people say that their bored, but there is alway something you can find to do and not be bored and any one should live every day to the fulless.