Monday, March 1, 2010

My Book Has Arrived!

I got my book in the mail today. It's a copy of my blog. I am so excited. Ever since I hit that Place Order button. I counted the minutes and hours till it would arrive. It is all that I had hoped for and more. I cannot express enough how I love it and am so proud of it. I will definitely have another one made when I accumulate enough posts.I went online to UPS and tried to track it's delivery today, only to track it to Lexington. I got off the computer and paced the floor. I was to meet with my Mom and 2 sisters today, to visit a friend who had passed away, but I was waiting as long as I possibly could to see if my book would come today. The truck usually runs about 5 o'clock. I felt it would come today,since I had paid extra for 2 day delivery. Wow! That tells you just how anxious I was to get it.I called Mom's house and told them to drive to my house so I would have a few more minutes to wait for the UPS truck.It arrived with the next 15 minutes. It was 1:45. I don't think the truck has ever arrived that early when I have gotten other deliveries.I met him at the truck door. I think I startled him. I explained what I was expecting and why I was so anxious, and he helped me to get the package open. I was shaking like a leaf, I was so excited. I think he was just as excited for me as I was. It was all I had dreamed it would be. The hardback cover was bright red with little hearts floating everywhere. There was the picture of my grandchildren on the cover, of them sitting in the green grass, under an apple tree that was so full of white blooms, it looked as if it had been snowing below the tree from all the petals. One of my favorite pictures of the kids.All 80 of my blogs were listed in the contents. The pictures throughout the book were wonderful. I read through several for my husband. He wouldn't dare say it was nice or he was proud of me for such a nice job, but I could tell by the look in his eyes as I read, that he was pleased and proud of my work, too.I shared the book with the friends and family while visiting the funeral home today, and got so many wonderful comments on it. Several folks wanted a copy, which I thought was funny. Who would have thought a book could evoke such a stir. I have not come down from the clouds yet.Of all the things I have done and things I have created, I think I am most proud of my little book. It is an experience I will never forget.


  1. Congratulations !!
    What a wonderful book full of memories for you to enjoy !!

  2. Sue, I enjoyed your visit this morning and seeing your book, it was so nice. Even the little fellow enjoy you too. I know you will be glad when you get the basement all done ,it sure will be so nice. Thanks for you comment and you have a good night, as for me I'm going nite nite.