Friday, January 29, 2010

A New Day, A New Project

I finished my little quilt today,unless I decide to go on and add a few tabs to hang it. I may do that eventually.(I have it across my rocker at the moment,Connie)I covered another box today. When I finished the quilt, I found myself wanting to go back and work on it some more, so I brought out a little pillow top I had started, heaven only knows when, and decided to use it in another little quilt.I had some strips left from the last quilt, so I have been using them on the new one. I'll probably put it together like the last one,using up a few more scraps.I wasn't as pleased with the finished product as I had hoped to be. The batting was to fluffy, and I hemmed it before I stretched it tight enough, and it doesn't lay as flat as I had hoped, but hopefully, I will learn from my mistakes and do a better job with the next quilt.I think I could get the hang of it shortly, but the quilting part, I don't know about that. I never measure my pieces. I just free hand it all, and that was part of the reason my quilting did not suit me. I tried to follow the seams and sew in the ditch like my sister, Vicki, showed me, but the rows of stitching were showing up crooked on the back, so I ripped them out and tacked it.Mom tacks all her quilts. I tried quilting a couple of my pouches,but can't make myself do too much of that finer intricate work.I think it's beautiful, but I haven't mastered it yet. I don't use a thimble, and my fingers are a little tender tonight.I will not be going to Mom's tomorrow. We are getting a lot of snow, and I'll stay in. No grand kids until Sunday,if Pop will go after them. I don't drive in snow,especially since my little accident a few years ago.So I'll have all day to work on my new project. Till my next post,Happy Crafting.


  1. Good morning sue, Did you get snow over there,? we got snow over here and it is cold! Your pillow is a pretty pattern, and it also could be a start of another quilt. the other quilt that you done and had some trouble with quilting it,I always start in the middle to quilt it and work your way out so you can flat and straight it as you go, I also pin the three layer togather every 4 or 5 inches to quilt,this always work good for me.It will get easier for you to do, just kept it up.I'm working on a table runner for valentine, turning out good, color is red cream/tan and some green for leaves and stems. Well this is all for now stay warm and HAPPY SEWING!

  2. Thanks Sue for your comment, Your little quilt will turn into bigger quilts as long as you enjoy doing what you like to do. I going to machine quilt the table runner and try to get my sampler quilt done this week so I can put it in a quilting frame to be hand quilted, and this will take awhile. So you have a good week and kept making quilts. HAPPY SEWING!