Friday, October 15, 2010

Chickens Make Good Pets



Actually, this was taken a couple of weeks ago, so she has grown a bit more. Yes, we think now, she is a hen.We were not real sure for a while there.She's too big for the cookie jar these days, so we keep her in one of the garages at night, and outside in the sun,during the day.We'll need to gradually introduce her to the rest of the flock. You know they can get a bit ugly to new comers at first.Hopefully, she will be use to the rest of the chickens in time to spend the winter out in the hen house, but I hope she still remembers the special raising she had. I guess if we continue to spoil her with the cat food she loves so, or the hot dogs she's learned to eat when we're out of her special cat food,we'll continue to be close friends.We haven't really given her a name yet, but I'm considering Ellie Mae.We've had a Henrietta and an Esmerelda at one time.Those older names are cute for chickens. Maybe she'll like to be called Gertrude or Genaveve. We'll just have to see what feels right for her!


  1. The cookie jar photo is precious! I vote for Ellie Mae. Looks like a hen to me as well. :)

  2. Thanks for your comment,Nancy, on my pet chicken.She has developed such a big breast after eating so much cat food, I thought about naming her Dolly, but that sounds too much like a cow's name, so I reconsidered. Yes, I would like to try the wild garlic seeds.I haven't had much luck with the starts I got from my SIL.