Saturday, October 2, 2010

Is Your Money Going Down the Drain?

While browsing through blog after blog, I ran across this clip from Walletpop.It really got me to thinking about the way I wash my clothes. Most of us look at washing clothes as another dreaded chore that must be done. We never really stop and think about all the different aspects of the cleaning process. Oh,yes, sometimes, I'll spray a stain or two with some type of highly advertised stain remover,and pour in a little extra detergent.If it comes out,fine,if it doesn't.Oh,well.
There are a lot more concerns to clothes washing then we realize. The fellow in the clip listed below,talks about some of them.It made me take a second look at the laundry procedures I was using. Hopefully, it will enlighten some of you,as it did me.

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  1. Hi Sawn - Good article. I switched back to powder detergent. I find that I use less of the powder. Don't use any stain removers, just make a little paste with the detergent & gently scrub it in with an old tooth brush. When I have time I make my own laundry soap.