Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hop on over for another drawing.

Oh, and by the way! Hop on over to Mountain Home Quilts to enter the drawing for the fat quarter of fabulous fall fabric.(Whoooh!That was a mouthful.)

I hope this link below gets you to the right site. I had a lot of trouble getting the link to work properly. I don't think I know enough about computering to get it right. I hope it gets you to the right place to enter the drawing.You will need to copy and paste it in your browser.


  1. Just dropped by to say hi and I hope your having a good day!

  2. Hello to a new bloggy friend!
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog earlier. I'm always glad to meet a new blogger! I'm sure we'll get to be great friends.
    Love the fall colors of fabric above!

  3. Hi Sue, Thanks for your comment, Do you want the patch work pumpkin patterm,? I know you like doing small project and they are really cute, you cam make the stem or you can cut them from a limb off of a bush.I know i need to kept up my walk and the weather is good now , but when it get real cold i don't like to be out. I just have 3 of my grands, for the rest of the week. You have a greatafternoon.