Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Surprise Package from Terry

Thank you so much,Terry, for the beautiful fabric. Vicki and I were up till 11 or so, ripping and rolling the fabric into the large ball. As you can see, and I have already begun making things with it. I do enjoy crocheting with fabric. The possibilities are enless as to what one can make with it.

I woke up at 4 this morning, and made this little basket, before Pop or Vicki arose. The little eggs are empty shells saved from my experience with raising the quail. I will miss having the eggs when my supply is gone. I may end up buying another pair or two, just to replenish my supply. They are a neat item to have on hand when making many of my crafts.
This is one of the little sheep Vicki and I have been working on creating. We have kicked the idea around in our heads for several weeks now. We finally got the opportunity to actually try making one.Between the two of us and the goodies I have collected over the years, we had all of the supplies needed to assemble it. The core is a small piece of wood salvaged from the house building  and protected from Pop's wood burning sprees.The fur is thread ripped from an old carpet. The face and ears are cut from felt and stuffed with whatever scraps we find and/or batting.The legs are cut from the remnants of the light weight wood we used to cut out the crows a week  or two ago. We are both pleased with the finished product so far.We may decide to tweek it a little more as we make others and get the hang of it.

Vicki plans to make many more.Her daughter,Beverly, really likes the sheep.She would like to keep one for herself, so hopefully Vicki will be making several more,one for Bev and some to be sold in her booth.

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  1. Wow Sue, you guys are really talented!
    The basket is way cute and so is the sheep.
    You're the ultimate recyclers!!!!