Thursday, March 15, 2012


Lately,I have been reading more and more about quinoa.
 I am always searching for new ways to improve on our eating habits.  More specifically, ways to improve  the nutritional value of the foods we do eat. Since my husband is like a child,in the sense that he doesn't want to try anything with an odd or different name or appearance from the foods he knew and ate throughout his youth,it is a challenge to come up with new ideas.Pop is basically a meat and potatoes kind of guy, and since he now has developed diabetes, potatoes among other things he dearly loves,namely cornbread, is a no-no. Well, it might as well be. The small portions a diabetic is allowed to eat at a sitting is so small, Pop would rather not be tempted by my serving it at all,however,we do break over and cook up those forbidden dishes occasionally.

Today, I experimented with potatoes and turnips, trying to lower the carb count in the potatoes,so Pop could eat them more often.He tried the new version, and although it was not his most favorite dish, he agreed to try and tolerate it occasionally.That's a start.

Tonight, I decided to try to incorporate a little quinoa in the same dish. I only cooked up a small amount, and it was so good, in my opinion, I ate most of the sample myself.I am not real sure yet as to just how to use quinoa, but I am doing my usual experimenting. Hopefully,I'll hit on something soon, that we both will enjoy.When it comes to foods, I love experimenting. I always enjoyed that part of working with the school children, until Uncle Sam stepped in, and gave us super strict guidelines and recipes to follow. All of my experimenting went out the window. I do understand, after 27 years of working in the school food service though, that when you have so many little lives in your hands, you must be as cautious as humanly possible.So now I do my experimenting on my own family members.That's working out just fine for all involved. They love to eat and I love to cook.Well, since I retired,I take spells of loving to cook.No need to lie. I'd rather be crafting.But I do enjoy experimenting with new recipes.

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