Thursday, March 15, 2012

Rough Times Call for Imagination and Experimenting

My older sister,Mary, has a blog, Nails in My Pocket, but swears she has no desire to be a writer. I hate that she feels that way since my sister,Vicki, of My Favorite Things, and I have so much fun sharing our thoughts and ideas with other bloggers. We have gotten lots of ideas from various bloggers and hope we are sharing some new ones with them.If we are not sharing ideas, we are, at least, letting others know how folks in our area,live and get by with the world's economy being as it is.

My sister,Mary, gathered all the turnips that over wintered in her garden spot this last few days, and has tried every way imaginable, to find homes for them,but no takers.Pop says Spring turnips that have carried over the winter will be pithy and not so good, but we are eating they and found that was not entirely so. They taste fine. We had a very mild winter this year, so maybe that was the reason.Mary pulled about 300 turnips from her bed,washed them, and loaded them in her pickup truck.She hauled them to my house yesterday,as she had a doctor's appointment and needed to use her truck to get to my house.I would be taking my truck on to town, since it hauls more people.Mom,Vicki,Mary and myself would be making today, Our Girls Day Out. At the end of the day,I took a mere handful of the turnips, and now wish I had taken more.I think Mom and Vicki kept a handful,too.Most folks,it seems,want these types of things, but they want you to grow it, pick it, clean it, and they would prefer you to package and preserve it,too, before they would accept it.Sad,but true.

Nevertheless, Mom and Vicki were at their home experimenting with their turnips. I think they ended up with a pot of turnip greens for supper. I set out to experiment this morning with mine. I had done a little research on the carbohydrate content of turnips and potatoes. I found that turnips have only a mere amount of carbs whereas the potato has way too many carbs for a diabetic to eat that often.

Pop loving potatoes as he does, I decided to grate up a turnip or two and two or three potatoes, and a big onion. I put it all together in a big skillet, seasoned it well with lots of herbs and such, smothered it down low,then headed out to let Pop try it. When he sees me coming with a plate and a fork, out to where he is working, he gets suspicious. I have done that many many times in the last 33 years,so he is wise to me now. It usually means I have been experimenting and want his opinion.He tasted the dish cautiously, and agreed it was not that bad. He says it is a good alternative to no potatoes at all.There are lots of other creative ways to use turnips, as we are all finding out.Mary plans to do a little experimenting of her own today.I'll keep you posted as to what she has come up with, since I know she will not.Have you got any creative recipes for using turnips?

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