Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Kathy,where are you?

It has been forever since I've heard a single word from Kathy ,one of my blogger friends.The last I did hear was on the Amish of Munfordville site, and that was back in September of 2010.

The recent outbreak of tornadoes has gotten me to thinking of her once more.I have added Grow Casey County to my list of followings in hopes that I might stumble across her there.

I have posted a few words on various sites in hopes she would see them. I think she goes to the library on occassion to view the different blogs she once followed, but not real sure of that.

She moved to a house which was owned by Menonites in the Casey County area. The house had no electricity or running water, so it was her plan to live as the Amish people do. She was getting her life set up there when I last heard from her.I would truely love to hear from her again.

Kathy, if by chance, you do read this, please contact me somehow. I plan to attend the Hart County Produce Auction again this season, and would love to arrange to meet you there.


  1. I do hope you hear from her!

    I'm losing a couple of bloggies and I'm so grateful they have told me beforehand!

    Also glad you are well after the hideous weather we had.

  2. Hello! I received your email regarding Kathy and wanted to let you know I responded. :)

    I am enjoying your blog very much and now following!