Saturday, May 12, 2012

"Never Judge a Man......

...until you've walked a mile in his shoes." I think that's the phrase,anyway. This phrase came to my mind when I think of all the negative comments directed toward Birdwatching. If you have never done it,don't judge. I was never what you would call an avid birdwatcher, but since I have retired and have more time for such things, I am now a Birdwatcher.I have Purple Martins,Bluebirds,Chickadees,Sparrows,Robins,Goldfinches,Cardinals,
Blue jays,House Wrens,Mockingbirds,Red Headed Woodpeckers,and then there's the dreaded Starling.(and probably others I have not yet learned to identify)

I have a few young Martins who do not follow the ways of the older ones.I read about their habits, and these young ones,in many cases, definitely do not conform.The younger generation seems to want to do their own thing.Who would have dreamed of such a thing.

This is a small bird house which was originally hanging on my porch for the Bluebirds and House Wrens.Well, guess who took up with the little house. Yes, one of the young Martins.It didn't take Lucky long to learn of it's presence. He was trying to catch the bird for his lunch.I had to move the little house away from the porch,yet close enough,to where the Martins could find it and continue on with their nesting process.With the help of the old CB antenna and a roll of grass string, I was able to get it up and away from Lucky's reach,but close enough for the birds to find it and continue on,as they did. This morning we saw one of the young Martins swoop down and pick up a bit of a turkey feather which Lily had destroyed in her play. It was rather large, but the bird managed to get it into the birdhouse to line her nest for the young ones, soon to be arriving.I have an old feather mattress which I need to discard, but haven't found the heart, so I opened it and brought out a handful of goose down feathers, spread them on the yard, and watched as the young birds swooped down continuously, to gather them up.
Martins hardly ever lite on the ground, so this bird is in flight and hardly visible, but to the right of the feathers, you can get a glimpse of it, swooping up another feather.Now if this isn't fascinating to watch, what is. That's why I say,"If you haven't watched birds,don't criticize others who do."


  1. I agree Sue. Birds are pretty cool.
    And wow, you have a feather mattress, that's pretty cool too!

  2. I am an avid watcher! Just saw a pileated woodpecker a few days ago! Made my day! We have nuthatches, downy peckers, titmice, goldfinch, chickadees, rose breasted grosbeaks, and now the hummers are back!

  3. Sue ,I loves to set on the deck and watch the birds, I have feeder for them and they are busy birds. We don't have purple martin but have the other birds. Enjoy watching them, I do it is restful to me... :)

  4. I love to watch birds. I wish I knew more about them-their names and where they roam-but I still enjoy them even if I don't know what kind the are LOL. I wish I could have been there to see the feather gathering-so neat.

    1. I always knew they gathered feathers, but never got around to putting more out for them until we watched the tiny bird swooping down and getting that huge turkey feather, and taking it into it's nest.