Tuesday, May 22, 2012

There is Euphoria....and without any pills of any kind.

What brings out "The Best You"? Do you have those days when you feel great, but you just can't pin point the reason?There must be something going on in your life or in your immediate surroundings that triggers this state of euphoria you are feeling.I tried to investigate,in my case today, what it might be. Let me see.

(1) I took a bath with Terry's good smelling soap.I should learn which fragrance, but I had a few small pieces and I put them all together in a wash mitt.(That could be the key.)

(2) I washed and styled my hair,which is rare.I usually let it go al a natural.(But I do feel better when I fix it nice.)

(3) I dressed in red, which I hardly ever do.(Certain colors do get one motivated.)

(4) I'm playing some of my favorite music while I work.

(That definitely gets my blood a pumping.)

(5) I made the rounds, feeding the chickens, picking up bits and pieces around the yard,that didn't belong.(Fresh air does wonders.)

(6) The temperature and humidity outside is ideal.

(I am convinced that plays a big part in how I feel.)

(7) The yard is all mowed and looks real nice. No worries about mowing just now.

(8) I cooked salmon cakes for our midday snack. They are simple,nutritious,and oh,so good.No bread needed.Now worries about cooking for several more hours.

(9) I made the beds,which I don't always do.Pop says no one sees them but us(most usually).So we won't fret if I don't make them on a daily basis,but let's not tell Mom.

(10) I've had a little more time to do a little sorting of my craft supplies and I even worked on a few projects without worrying about what I should be doing instead.

Now, amidst all of these variables,why do YOU think I am having such a super great day?Any ideas or thoughts?


  1. Perhaps because you are doing what makes you feel good?

  2. Good morning sue,I think it
    was just a good day and you where feeling good and everything was going good!!

  3. The weather usually effects how I wake up feeling... glad you had a great day, Sue! :)

  4. PS -- the treat in the dogs photo was one of those rawhide with good stuff in the middle -- it doesn't take long for GSDs to make quick work of those! :)