Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Poor People Have Poor Ways....

my fabric mats of all kinds
Yes!Another one of Pop's sayings.

As I awoke, early this morning, as I do on many mornings, I was thinking of a project I wanted to undertake today or one day soon.I do that a lot. I get so excited about a thought that comes into my head at 2,3 or 4 a.m. in the morning, I want to jump right up and get to it. Sometimes I do, and then sometimes I talk myself out of it, for at least another hour or two,but usually, if I don't jump up and get to it right then, the thought will fade and I'll push it aside for another day.Usually, at that time of the morning, it has to be a quiet project, so as not to awaken Pop.That alone, narrows the possibilities as to the task I can undertake. No power tools at that time of the morning.That leaves painting, sewing,decoupage,working with paper projects,etc.There are so many possibilities,but I have to be in the mood for any given project.

The project I was thinking of doing is what prompted me to use the title I have used, and to change the first song or two, on my play list.

Growing up in a large farm family, we had little money to spend on luxuries.And by luxuries, I mean anything that was not useful in some manner. If we ran out of anything, and we could substitute something else,in any way, shape, or form,we did. I suppose a lot of families did much of that,too.Thus the phrase:Use it up.wear it out,make it do,do without.
So many folks are using that slogan nowadays,but back when I was younger, it was a true way of life.

As I was researching the Use it up saying,I found a blog by that very name.Use it up,Wear it out,Make it do,Do Without. I may add it to my list of following, just to see how they are doing things today.

The project in my head this morning involved tea towels.Neither my Mother nor I, have every wasted very much money on pretty tea towels.however, I have,on occasion, picked up a nice new pretty set for a special function, such as a holiday, but those cases are rare. For the most part, I use whatever old rag that is available,usually a worn out garment. Sometimes it turns out to be not so absorbent and doesn't work well for a tea towel.Those particular towels are the subject in my post today.I have a few pretty fabric towels which I have made just because the fabric was pretty,but found out later, it was not a good fabric for drying dishes.Those are the towels I woke up this morning,thinking about. I like to make what I call mug rugs. You know when you are drinking coffee,tea,hot chocolate,etc., and you hate the sound of the mug hitting the table, especially if others are still sleeping.Or maybe you are drinking iced tea or cola, and the glass is sweating, leaving a puddle every time you set it down.Those are some of the times I like to use my mug rugs.Then there are some who use them for holding their snack, so as not to dirty up more dishes.  They can be used as hot pads to set under hot bowls when placing them on the table.Or a hot pad to retrieve a hot pan of cookies from the oven. They are so useful in so many ways.I especially enjoy making the little mug rugs, because I am trying to narrow down my tea towel supply.I choose the towels that are not so pretty any longer, and incorporate them in my new pads, for batting.Pop has a few nice blankets which he bought at the flea market for camping. They are not snugly and soft,and do not lie down against your body to keep you nice and warm, so I would love to use them for my batting, but Pop has laid down the law.Do not use HIS blankets for crafting purposes of any kind. He knows I have done that in the past.No matter. The way I am going about making my little mug rugs is working just fine.It is a peaceful,calming project which I can use to calm my nerves,when necessary.I find pleasure in making them.I am not spending money on fabric or batting of any kind,and I now have lots of pretty,usable rugs,which I can use for myself, or pass along as gifts.

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