Saturday, May 5, 2012

To Grandmother's House We Go

Even if it's only in our minds.It's hard to see in the picture, and I'm sure Grandma and Granddaddy lived in many other houses in their lifetime, but the little four room house is the only house us kids remember as their home.It was very small, but always spic and span clean and fresh. Many of the memories of their home was of the windows and doors always being opened, throughout the house, the white curtains blowing in the breeze. It seemed there was always a breeze blowing through the little house. They had lots of trees in the yard. That was probably part of the reason,but then again, kids can find someplace to hang out where it's cool most anytime, whereas grownups would just have to endure it and go on with life.Especially since air conditioning was out of the question back then.
And then there was the smell of Cashmere Soap throughout the house.Grandma had a little granite top table that sat just inside the back door, which held the granite drinking water bucket and dipper,the granite wash pan for dirty hands, and the dish for the soap.The old pump,which us kids got such pleasure from using,was just outside the door,off the edge of the porch.On the wall, above the table, was a small medicine cabinet, where I remember one of my Uncles washing up and splashing on lots of the good smelling stuff he always wore when he cleaned up to go anywhere.Funny how you remember certain things.

A lot of the things I keep around me today, are because I remember Grandma having similar things in her house.She didn't have room for too many collectibles, but she had a few.I remember a little glass rectangular bowl with a lid in which she kept those soft peppermint sticks.I have a bowl like that,tucked away somewhere, because of that memory.I try to keep candy sitting around in pretty containers just because Grandma did, but I have been blessed with two grandchildren who are very picky about what kind of candy they will eat,whereas,we, myself and my brothers and sisters, got so little candy,we loved any kind.I remember her always wearing an apron. I don't, but I like to keep one hanging there to remember her doing so.She had lots of doilies. I guess that's where I got my love for them.And plants.Grandma loved her flowers,as do I.She always kept her teaspoons in a little cup in the cupboard. She must have had a lot of coffee drinkers, like I do at my house. That'll cause you to think of short cuts for everything.Oh, yes.I don't want to forget the smell of tea brewing on the stove, in that tiny granite pan,that was only used for that purpose. She said aluminum would make it bitter.And then there was the smell of the old meat house where they would keep their ham and bacon slabs while they were curing, and lots of jars of apples kept in sulphur water.It is really hard to imagine there could be so many memories from such a small place.It's so small, and changed today, you can hardly believe all went on there that did.

These are just a few of my memories, but I am sure I will be reliving many more as I document my Journey.

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  1. Sweet memories, Sue. Thank you for sharing. :)