Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Sign of the Times

I finally did get to squeeze in  little more "Me Time" this week. It seems I'm in the sign making mood lately. Most likely, because I took some painting supplies to some children just down the road. I felt their pain over being bored to tears, so I wanted to give them something to do,while their Mother worked. Their Mother and Grandmother work in a small General Store three miles from my home. Pop and I drop in there 2 or 3 times a week for breakfast. The prices are really reasonable, and there is always a gang of coffee drinkers and breakfast folks to talk to. And you know by now,that that's Pop's favorite thing to do. Talk,drink coffee, and socialize.The owner of the little store lets the Mom bring the kids with her to work since there is no way she could afford to pay a baby sitter for four kids on what she makes there. She does drive a school bus during the school season, but with school being out, the kids need to be supervised, so she brings them to work with her. They try to keep busy, but they still get really bored at times.I hate being bored myself, so I know how they must feel, away from their own home, with no supplies close at hand.

I love making signs, but I don't get into the mood to do so that often, since it is a quiet, sit down job, and most of the time, that is not something I can make myself do. Kinda like reading a book. One must sit and be still do do that, too. Crocheting or quilting, likewise, but in the Winter months, those tasks seem to come easier for me. No yard to mow, no veggies to can, no wood to cut,you get the picture.

I am so proud of the door sign shown above. On the lettering, I used a stencil, but the coffee cup and flowers, I did free hand, nothing to look at. I usually need a pattern to paint anything from. I even impressed myself. Now I'm off to hunt Bear,but you'll need to check out my next post to understand. Later!

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