Thursday, July 25, 2013

Another Surprise!


As I have mentioned before, we have trained our Bluegill to come to the edge of the pond, nightly, where we feed them. Usually crackers, oatmeal, or cornbread. We hear they have store bought food just for the fish, but we have not been to town to check on it yet. Nevertheless, we feed them daily. It is such a thrill to watch them eat. We have gradually built up the number of fish in our pond, to around 100 plus Bluegill,maybe a half dozen Catfish, and a Bass or two. Low and behold, yesterday, we could see lots of tiny fish, and I do mean tiny, at the feeding site.It was unreal seeing them. We had no clue when or if we would have the privilege of doing so.The water is really clear at times, especially when the sun is hitting in the pond just right. The conditions were great yesterday, for us to see the new baby fish.We hear that Bass eat baby Bluegill, so they will be having a feast, if that is so. Much to our dismay. I hate to even think about that, but Mother Nature has her own way of keeping the necessary checks and balances in this big world, so who are we to judge.

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  1. Very cool Sue! We put fish in our pond some 10 years ago and they have done okay -- not as well as yours.