Thursday, July 4, 2013

As Different as Night and Day

My two Grand Children are as different as night and day.

This is my Grand Son,John, and he is definitely not a climber, but he was so proud of himself the day of Pop's Surprise 75th Birthday Cookout. He wanted everyone there to see him climb the tree.

Isn't it strange how some kids hit the ground looking for adventure, and usually the dangerous kind. Not John. He has never been one to try anything that might get him hurt. He is not the typical adventure seeking type child.

Now his sister who is three years older, is another story,indeed. She's not so much into seeking out danger, but she definitely loves to try new things. Leah, our Grand Daughter, who is twelve, takes after Pop in that way. She would follow him over a cliff, and try anything he would try at her age. That doesn't leave out much. She loves to take on new challenges and usually ends up mastering them all.

This picture was taken a couple of years ago, and Leah has progressed from the Honda to the Artic Cat and now to a John Deere Gator.She has yet to try the lawn mower or farm tractors or regular vehicles, but I suspect that will come any day now. She wants to do it all and NOW.  John is content to stay in the house and do computer games. We try to discourage a lot of that, but he is bored to tears with other things. Hopefully, he will either grow out of a lot of it, or become another Mark Zuckerburg. One can only hope.

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