Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Bloom Where You're Planted

  I have never had a real planned daily agenda. Mom always tried to have a plan for each of her days, barring the unforeseen tasks that pop up unexpectedly for us all.My life is a crazy mixed up life. I do what I think needs attention the most, then I branch off to other less important things. Some times, doing things I really enjoy.

 This week, the corn was ready so that had to come first. I have cut off the cob and froze about 25 bags of corn. Two cups per bag.That was approximately 200 ears of corn. Pop did help a little after I made him feel guilty for not helping me more.He does have his own responsibilities toward keeping things running mechanically, but he has a lot of down time,too. Lots more than I do.

The grass mowing is always my job,simply because Pop is not neat enough with it to suit me. I do agree, I have way too many flower beds to keep up, but I compare it to Pop's smoking. He is forever asking me why I do not give them up. My reply is always the same, "Because I enjoy them too much".

I have been cleaning some of my flower beds lately, removing plants that have bloomed and gone to seed. I take the seeds and scatter them all around the new property.Hopefully, some of them will escape the Spring and Fall mowing of the fields.

We've had a few baby chicks to hatch off this week.Not that we needed more chickens, but we do love their presence, plus they satisfy the need to nurture something at all times.

The corn and cucumbers have been great this year, but our tomato crop is not doing as well. My guess is too much rain. We have had more rain this year than I can ever remember for this time of the year.Thank God for the Amish all around us. They have plenty of tomatoes.

I know there is a long list, somewhere, of all the things that I really need to get to, so I'm off to get to it. Maybe I can slip in another few minutes to paint another sign.I managed to squeeze in the one pictured above, while cooking my corn, before bagging and freezing it.

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