Monday, July 8, 2013


This is one of the first things I noticed when I awoke this morning and looked outside my kitchen window while making our morning coffee.I have been waiting patiently,well, maybe not so patiently, for this flower to bloom. I have doctored it all Spring with Miracle Grow and/or horse manure tea, hoping it would be heavenly when it finally bloomed. It was indeed, worth the wait.It grew so tall, I had to put a stake beside the plant for support. Between the dogs playing in the yard, and the occasional high winds we had this year, I was not sure it would survive long enough to bloom. And then I put so much fertilizer on it, I feared it might be all stems and no flowers. I know some plants do that when they get too much nitrogen.

The rains have finally subsided, so now I can get back to my yard. That's where I spend most of my time when the weather is not so hot, but I am afraid those cool mornings and evenings are coming to a halt now since Summer is here. The heat will be unbearable if it's a typical Summer.All the flowers will stop blooming and the grass will no longer be that beautiful, lush, green carpet which I love to mow.Life goes on! 


  1. What a pretty view of the flowers out your window!

    1. Thanks for stopping by,Terri,and for the compliment on the flower. I do love my flowers.This is a Hibiscus I purchased a few at the local Amish Produce Auction. They sell plants occasionally.

  2. That is really a good picture Sue, what are the flowers? Poppies? Seems your new camera was worth the expense.

    Did you take many photos at Pop's party or were you too busy being the hostess? Maybe when you have time you could do a post on the party.

    Stay cool.

  3. Terry, the flower is a Hibiscus. They come in many colors. These have a different leaf than my other colors and they get a lot taller.

    I was too busy being a hostess. I am hoping someone got a few pics that I can share on a blog post. It turned out good, but I got down with near pneumonia before I had gotten completely ready. I had to call in a few folks to help me after a month of doing it all pretty much by myself.Planning, painting, prettying things up, cleaning,calling, emailing,messaging,shopping.Trying to keep it all a secret. It got kinda rough before the big day came. Weather was great though. I'll try to work up a post on it soon.

  4. I like that deep red Hibiscus, very nice.