Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Does Anybody Really Know.....

What causes Alzheimer's? Or Dementia? Or Senility?Are they the same or different things?How does a doctor tell if  one or the other is truly present in a person? Is there medication that will help,at least, to a point?  Are they reversible to any degree? Are they caused by something we are eating? Or not eating? Something we're drinking? Or breathing?

Dealing with a person with either of these illnesses is a nightmare.It's like trying to deal with a two year old. No matter how much you explain anything to them, you turn your back, and it's out the window.Their sense of reasoning in many cases has vanished. Their imagination works overtime.Their fears and doubts multiply.Their trust in anything or anyone diminishes.Their ability to use many things they have used in the past vanishes. Their loose their ability to keep track of things like glasses, teeth, watch, cane,etc.Not to mention all the other minor things one normally uses throughout the day.They repeat themselves over and over,telling or asking you the same things, in a matter of minutes.They forget who gave them what, or who came yesterday or today.They can't keep track of the day of the week. If they have napped,they don't know if they have woke up in the same day,or if it's the next day. They panic about failing to take their medication,even if they've taken it a hour or two ago.They can't remember if they have eaten or not.They cry at the drop of a hat, over any number of issues.  And then they have minutes of clarity where they hate loosing their abilities to take care of themselves.They appreciate what we are trying to do to make things better,and they hate being a burden to everyone.Then there are moments when the world seems to be against them. Fighting them at every turn,trying to take everything away from them.Then they'll cry some more.

It's all new to most of my family. Dad died with Cancer, and that was a horrible,horrible experience. Watching him gradually die over a period of a few months. The type of care he needed toward the end was similar, but nothing like we are dealing with in Mom's case now. Their two cases, are both similar, in that they can drain the life out of the caregivers, while they are trying to figure out what's best,what will work, and what will not, to make things better,as we go along. It gets very frustrating on both sides.The caregivers,not sure what we need to be doing, and Mom,not understanding what and why all this is happening to her. It's a horrible thing to have to go through, but more and more folks are dealing with the very same or a similar scenario.Hopefully,we'll get through it, with the help of the family, Mom's church friends, and her neighbors.It seems there are a lot more caring people in the world, than we realize at times,who are ready, willing and able to pitch in and help where they can.Like many other tragic happenings in our lives,we will get through it with the help of friends,family, and The Lord.


  1. Sue, sorry about your mother, hang in there and with the Lord help and family, you will get thu this. It is hard to deal with a parent who is sick, I also have been thu this, cancer with my mom and a bad stroke with my dad,
    Just give them a lot of love, and pray it will all work out.

  2. Cling to the happy moments like a piece of driftwood in the sea, because that is what it is.