Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I see they've made some changes.

I have been away for awhile, caring for Mom, who has Alzheimer's, and now I see Blogger has made some changes. I can no longer upload my pictures from my usual source, and until I learn what I need to do, I guess I will have no pictures.I only have 3 days a week at my home and that is usually spent catching up on the laundry,the dishes,sweeping,mopping,vacuuming. You know the usual stuff.

I did accomplish a few things today though which helped me to feel a bit more relaxed and less stressed out.Pop spent his day doing what he always does. Visiting with the locals,helping some, then just visiting others.He spent the early part of his day with his daughter.They eat breakfast out together most Wednesdays.When the Flea Market is up and running, they visit that.Then they visit Walmart and do a little shopping. I have those few hours to myself to do whatever I want, around the house.Today I chose to go to town and fill out the application for my health insurance. I turn 65 in February and will be going on Medicare, so I must make some changes to my insurance. I will need to change doctors for my new plan. The one I have been using is not in the network.Each plan has a list of doctors you must use in order for your fees to be covered.I don't understand a lot of it, but hopefully, my agent is giving me proper guidance in choosing the plan that's best for me.

I drove 22 miles to meet with him and sign the necessary forms. Once we were finished there, I browsed the Bath and Body Works,since I had not had a chance to order any soap from my friend,Terry,of Urania's Inspirations.Sorry,Terry.I've not forgotten you. I'll be back.I picked up some real bargains,but I am afraid I might be allergic to some of their scents. They have a return and/or exchange policy,but I doubt I use it. They have another big sale in June. I may simply wait and try a few new fragrances then.My nose is so sensitive to some scents.

Then,I did a little grocery shopping and bought myself one of those new fancy Orgreenic Skillets.It better last since it cost me $30.I greased it good and put it in the oven on 300 degrees for 1 hour,like they said. It recommends doing that every 6 months.I hate using those skillets with the Teflon coating. No matter how much you pay for them,it still comes off eventually, in your food, and it causes cancer.This skillet is Eco-friendly. Contains no harmful PFOA.(The EPA has requested the total elimination of PFOA use in manufacturing by 2015.) It contains a space age structural coating composed with ceramic which is Mother Nature's own natural minerals.The ceramic non-stick coating  is bonded to aluminum which allows for even heat and avoid hot spots.If this skillet is what they say it is, I should never need to buy another,ever. We'll just have to see how that pans out.

I did a few loads of laundry and dishes.Took a 30 minute nap. Joined Pop for a cup of coffee, out behind the garage, where he has been adding a shed for his new tractor.He wanted me to see his handy work.I don't like him climbing when no one is out there with him,but some days he does it anyway. Some days the neighbors drop by to critique his work.He hates when they do that,but,nevertheless,building the new shed has kept Pop busy while I'm away,caring for Mom.

I fixed steak and potatoes with a side dish of mixed greens for supper.We're not much on green salads that often, and we do need the roughage.We both love greens.

Pop took me out last night, since we don't get to spend that much quality time together nowadays, and I was really exhausted anyway.The food was good,and we ate plenty,although the entire service started out to be a real catastrophe.Pop was craving a baked potato since he must limit potatoes, with his sugar problem.They were out of baked potatoes.He ordered home fries, but they were taking so long, he went to the food bar and dished us up a huge plate of mashed potatoes and gravy,daring them to say anything about it. I was supposed to have gotten potatoes with my liver and gravy,which I did not. We got no bread for either of us until we were nearly finished with our meal.Then they brought Pop's Texas toast he had requested up front,when we ordered. I got no bread at all,and my cole slaw tasted a bit off. Pop would love to have blown his top, but I begged him to be nice,so he restrained himself. He can get quite ugly when he gets poor service.I,personally, eat what I'm served, and never complain.We visited with a good friend while we waited,so the time went by quickly while our meal was coming together.I doubt we eat there again for quite a while, if we ever do.

P.S. I got a really nice camera for Christmas. I sure hate to think I got it for naught if I cannot post pictures any longer. That was my main reason for wanting the camera.Drat!!! I'll do some research and hopefully, learn what I need to do before my next post.


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