Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Good Old Days!

Yes, those were the good old days, when you could pull out the old hammer and saw and whip up something your child, or in this case, grandchild, would love and play with for hours on in.My grandson has all the modern conveniences,and at times, I am convinced that he has way too many.They are a good example of folks who like to keep up with the Jones's.They have IPads or IPods, whatever they are called, they have cell phones, they have mp3 players, they have a Wee. They have hand held computers with all sorts of games to play on them.I'm not real sure if those are the correct names,because I'm not into all of that computer stuff,but they are.That's why I was so shocked when the grandson requested me make him an army gun.I made it to his specifications.It had to have a handle of sorts on the under neath side. I'm not into guns neither, so I had no idea where the handle should be on an army gun.Not sure if it was an American gun or a German gun,but he is only 6 and probably could have given me the specs on it, with no problem. His Dad is into War memorabilia, and John absorbs it all like a sponge.He has war games on every type of computer they own.Personally, I feel all the war business he is learning, is what makes him very destructive with things around him.We hold our breath when he's near our big screen TV.Most usually when he is here, he has his gun and sword that I made for him, and he's roaming around the yard, talking to his imaginary army buddies,discussing what tactics they will implement for their next maneuver.He has the jargon down pat.

(Written 2 years ago-my grandson,John is now 8)

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